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    Eagle from Cadsoft vs. Pads Logic and Pads Layout fromMentor

    I have been useing the chepeast version of pads from mentor. Now I need a more expensive version because of limiting in the current version. The cheapeas version pads from mentor costs: 1900 EUR The more expensive version pads from mentor costs: 5600 EUR Eagle from cadsoft costs: 1200 EUR for...
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    Free 2D or 3D simulator, hyperlynx

    2d bus simulators Does there exist any free PCB (2D or 3D) for simulating current, voltage and/or electromagnetic? How much does hyperlynx cost? Can Hyperlynx simulate an PCB boards that are made of Pads? Or does it only simulate pre models?
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    Digital and analog ground

    https://images.elektroda.net/53_1163859803.JPG I routing a PCB board that will look like the picture over. There are just one analog ground, the to analog ground, left and right, are to different setings. The 8 pins IC over are DAC chip. The pins are as follow: Pins 1-4: Digital input...
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    Quad differential to singel ended operation amplifer

    Quad differential to singel ended operation amplifer. Any suggestion on IC?
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    Simulating process variations for SPICE models

    Is it posibly to simulate production variation that an component have?
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    10uF on output of an operation amplifer

    I am going to have an stable voltage reference point, that have a low impendans. Is there any problem to connect an 10uF cap to ground on the output of an operation amplifer? On turn on power, can it go a lot of current to the cap, so the operation amplifer gets damaged?
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    Multiple output flyback regulator

    allintitle: flyback regulator If looking at figur on the page 1 in the following file: **broken link removed** Where you have to voltage outputs. The feedback voltage is only taken from one output. I have read som place that the other output then vil not be vell regulated. But does any have...
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    Question about Multiplying DAC

    Multiplied DAC I going to use an DAC like the simple schematic below. The Vin on Vref is Multiplied/Divided with the digital value inn the DAC. I have understood that there are to types of DAC; voltage and current. In the datasheet for the current type they are refering to Multiplying DAC...
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    Nois filter on power lines USB

    I am going to design connection for USB on the pc side, thats type A connector. I have an reference design that say that could be an Inductor or RF-drossel in seriers with the power lines. The value is 50@100MHz 3A. I am a litle uncertain about what that mean about the value.
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    Effekt in an resistor

    effekt i resistor When the producer of an resistor say in can handle one amount of power that develop in an resistor. Is it then talking of RMS values?
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    Overshoot and Ringing

    Today, in high speed IC, the rising time for the output is often shorter than 1 ns. This cause ringing on the line. This ringing will cause the voltage to go over the voltage that are sendt out. In the teori the double voltage. Will this double voltage have the possibility to damage the...
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    Minimum Gain on Differential Amplifiers

    I se the "Minimum Gain" Acl term are used on Differential Amplifiers. Normaly the values are 1, 2 or 10. What does this mean? What happens if I sett the gain less than that value? Check out: **broken link removed**
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    Ethernett transformer magnetics

    Is there anybody that have some links or information around Ethernett transformer magnetics. I have problems to find background information around that.
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    Looking for big flash memory with Common Flash Interface

    Bigg flash When I search the internett I am not able to find flash memory with "Common Flash Interface" that is bigger than 16MBytes. As I have interstood is "Common Flash interface releated to NOR Flash, and "Disk On Chip" interface is releated to NAND FLASH. Does someone know about som...
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    Print Spice simulation in Orcad

    When I try to print the Spice simulation done in Orcad the lines get wery thin, is it possibly to get it thicker?
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    Looking for PAL to MPEG converter

    Does anybody now about a chip that takes PAL signals in and convert them to MPEG out?
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    suggestion on microcontroller/CPU/developmentboard

    I wondered if some of you have som suggestion on an microcontroller/CPU/developmentboard: The microcontoller/CPU Sould include this: - A god reference design / developmentboard. - Software developments tool. - Included Ethernet on developmentboard. - Portet linux version ready to be install...
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    Spectrometer - datasheet

    I am trying to read a datasheet for spectrometers. And there are a couple of symbols I don't understand. - counts - cts * nm / Ws - counts / Ws - counts / s - e/count - lx * s - V / lx * s As you can se the main problem is that I don't understand what a counts is.
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    ADC integtrated in FPGA ?

    adc fpga fusion Does there exists FPGA that have ADC integrated into the chip.

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