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    Question about large signal modelling of HEMT in ADS

    It seems that I have find a way improve my model and I am now working on it. I will inform you of any possible improvements as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention.
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    Question about large signal modelling of HEMT in ADS

    Hello I am trying to model a microwave transistor using Agilent ADS built-in models. The model name I have chosen is EE_HEMT model from the GaAs library. I studied the model details from the help files provided by the Agilent and after separation of the parameters into DC and ac ones, I tried...
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    Fields for PhD in RF and Microwaves

    Re: phd suggestion Dear friend, As one of the guys said, your subject of research in PhD program depends to a great extent to your own interests and pre-research during your MSc period. But just as a suggestion, I can say the sunbect of ultra high frequency circuits and also RF MEMS are two of...
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    Double integral in MATLAB

    double integral matlab Hi everybody Do you know how to calculate a double integral in MATLAB when the inner integral limits are themselves functions of the outer variable? Considering that I don't want to change the variables.
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    How to caculate imaginary matrix in Matlab?

    Hi Be careful yorande.If you use the '*' sign between i and other variables,it will consider it as a variable if you have asigned it some value before. So check whther you have not defined it as a variable before and also use it as echo14 has showed.I hope your problem cab be solved.
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    "sup" in functional analysis

    Hi I have encountered an abbreviation "sup" in an article just as below: d(x,y)=sup|x(t)-y(t)| What does "sup" stands for in functional analysis? I am a beginner in this issue.Please explane it a little. Thank you so much.
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    What are "Toeplitz" and "Hurwitz" matrices?

    Hi What are "Toeplitz" and "Hurwitz" matrices? What properties do they have? Regards
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    inverse fourier transform help

    Hi steve10 u(t) is the unit step function which has the value 1 for t>0 and zero for t<0. I will send its derivation in complex ky plane for you. I am sorry for my delay.
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    What is wavelet transformation?

    what is wave-let? Hi If your field of interest is electromagnetics,this is a nice reference below.But Wavelets are used in Digital Signal Processing much more and there are a lot of books about it in Signal Processing. h**p://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/047141901X
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    Looking for Stephen Hawkins books

    How can I find Stephen Hawking books entitled as below: 1)"A Brief History of Time" 2)"The Edge of Space time" Regards
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    inverse fourier transform help

    Thank you steve10.First I should correct an error in the doc file I have attached. In definition of variable there is a 2 in the power.So we do have branch points. Another point is that how can you be so sure that this integral diverges? For instance inverse fourier transform of 1/ky^4 is (y^3...
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    variable assignment in MATLAB

    Thank you both for your useful comments. The answer of "irfan1" is definitely what I wanted and I learned something else from the answer "steve10". But as I found out we should use ' ' instead of " " in defining the string m.(to irfan)
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    The folding technique and pole extraction method for sommerfeld integral

    As I studied in IEEE papers,there are three main techniques in treating singularities that arises in sommerfeld integrals in full wave analysis: contour-deformation approach,the folding technique and pole extraction method. I could not find any discription about two latter ones. Can anybody...
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    inverse fourier transform help

    Thank you After some large amount of manipulation, I could split my integrand into small inseparable parts which looks more like each other.I show one of these parts in the file that I have sent below. Do you know how can I choose the path of integration in complex ky plane. notice that there...
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    variable assignment in MATLAB

    Hi I have a problem in assigning a large number of variables with increasing indices. Here is a simple example which shows exactley what I want: var1=a; % a,b,... are are numbers or outputs of some functions var2=b; var3=c; . . . var100=z; How can I...
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    Pointers in MATLAB programming

    Hi everybody Is there something like "pointers" in MATLAB programming language? I want to deal with many variables in several m.files and refer to them from another m.files.and it is best done by pointers. best regards
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    How to express charge density in MoM method?

    Re: MoM method Hi Here are the papers.
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    what are sommerfeld integrals?

    Hi What are the sommerfeld Integrals that appear in full wave analysis? regards
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    What are the Sommerfeld integrals that appear in full wave analysis?

    Hi What are the sommerfeld Integrals that appear in full wave analysis? regards
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    What is Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit?

    Hi everybody Please explain about Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits. What does "mixed" mean ? regards

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