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    about checking the speed of the direct form fir 1 and it's transpose

    Synthesis process will compute the timing of all components itself and show the maximum clock frequency for your design.
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    FIR Low Pass Filter Response

    Hello Everyone Can someone guide me, Its my fault or MATLAB's FDA tool ? Are there any other tools for FIR filter design ? Thanks in Advance.
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    FIR Low Pass Filter Response

    Thanks for your time and try. Since this filter (I am designing) is acting as Decimation Low Pass Filter for Delta Sigma Modulator so Fs of the Delta Sigma Modulator is "6500000".
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    FIR Low Pass Filter Response

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I know but we are doing this just for analysis/experimentation in simulations. Any suggestion how I can design the filter with specs as mentioned above ?
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    FIR Low Pass Filter Response

    Couldn't get your point ? Can you elaborate your point. Thanks in Advance
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    FIR Low Pass Filter Response

    Hello Everyone I designed a FIR Low Pass Filter using MATLAB's fdatool, filter specifications are: Fpass = 10K Fstop = 12.5K stopband attenuation = 200dB but the designed filter doesn't show the 200dB attenuation ? The filter's specs and its response in fdatool is attached as images. Thanks in...
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    Save Analog input (at clock frquency) to Text File using Verilog-A

    Hello sdedov In Reference Manual it is mentioned that "$realtime" is not supported in Analog context. :-(
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    Save Analog input (at clock frquency) to Text File using Verilog-A

    Hello sdedov I want to store the timing instant at which the output is being stored, how to get this in Verilog-A and $abstime stores values as "0.00000001,0.00000001,0.00000001,0.00000002,0.00000002 and so on", so no difference in first three values, how to get better precision i.e. let say...
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    Decimation Low Pass Filter

    Hello Everyone Would like to know about very basic concept regarding Decimation Process, Let my baseband signal is 1KHZ and it is sampled at very high sampling rate let say 650KHz now I want to downsample the signal to decrease sampling frequency to Nyquist criteria, so what should be the cut...
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    capture the top five frequency peaks of an windowed FFT signal

    Hello dipsbals Perhaps something similar are available at: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2692482/get-the-indices-of-the-n-largest-elements-in-a-matrix https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/48473 Hope this will be helpful.
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    SNR Degradation due to CIC Filter

    Hello Everyone, Delta Sigma ADC: Modulator = 2nd Order CIC Filter = 3rd Order OSR = 256 CIC is hardware efficient Decimation Filter but its frequency response shows passband droop and wide transition band, so my question is due to these non-idealities of CIC filter, How much degradation in...
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    Delta sigma ADC (Start from Scratch design)

    Hello Dawson, In my opinion, since you never obtain an impulse in frequency domain for a pure sinusoid, because of implicit windowing that is taking place, i.e., rectangular windowing because you consider sinusoid over limited time. So applying window (hann, hamming etc) to time domain signal...
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    Delta Sigma ADC output

    Thanks for timely reply. No Interface. I am doing simulations in MATLAB and I want to plot the input Sine Wave and the Voltage equivalent output on the same plot and also want to calculate the SNR by calculating noise by "subtracting output from input".
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    Delta Sigma ADC output

    Hello Everyone I have got the output of Delta Sigma ADC after Decimation (FIR LPF and Downsampling), How to convert Delta Sigma ADC's output to its voltage equivalent ? Any suggestions/relevant material will be helpful. Thanks in Advance.
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    Delta Sigma Modulator output to Decimation Filter

    Hello Everyone The Delta Sigma Modulator has 1-bit quantizer (so 0s and 1s as output) so Do I need to take 0s and 1s as input to Decimation filter or I need to convert them to -1 and +1, got confused after some literature review, any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
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    ADC output (Delta Sigma ADC)

    Hello Everyone I am working on Delta Sigma ADCs in MATLAB, to equalize the amplitude of input and output I have to multiply the output by a scaling factor, anyone who has experience of ADC (using or working on ADCs) share the reason for this scaling ? and Secondly the SNR after Delta Sigma...
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    Decimation Filter Output

    Hello Everyone I designed a FIR Low Pass Filter (Decimation Filter) for Delta Sigma modulator in MATLAB, After decimation filter the output is in the range of 0.5 to -0.5 (input to adc is sine wave, and calculated ENOB~11). I got confused because to my understanding if ENOB are let suppose 8...
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    Decimation Filter (FIR) Output

    Hello FvM I have attached the time domain and frequency domain response of Low Pass Filter. Can you elaborate a bit about "scale factor from the given filter transfer characteristic", any reading material related to this issue will be appreciated. Thanks for your timely responses.
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    Decimation Filter (FIR) Output

    Just to simplify the unclear question, After Decimation I have got the output actually it will be a binary output (ENOB ~11 bit) but in MATLAB it is decimal value, how to convert this output to equivalent voltage ? Input Voltage range is 0.25 to -0.25 V.
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    Decimation Filter (FIR) Output

    Hello Everyone I am designing a Decimation Filter for Delta Sigma ADC, the input to ADC is 3 KHz 0.5V peak to peak (0.25V to -0.25V) Sine wave but the output of Decimation Filter (3367 taps FIR Low Pass Filter) is 3 KHz sine wave but the amplitude in the range of 0.507 to -0.507. How I should...

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