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    Sending data to server using gsm sim 900

    Can we send data to server without using http protocol using sim900 GSM module?Module is interfaced to stm32f100 microcontroller.
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    free rtos stm32f103 keil

    Hi all, I downloaded free rtos 8.2 package and builded demo of Cortex STM32F103 in Keil IDE. Build is successful.But when i debug it stops at hard fault handler and not going inside main function.Does anyone have an idea about this issue?
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    [moved] GSM SIM900 Sim Balance

    HI AL, Im using GSM SIM900 module interfacing to microcontroller.Pls let me kmow whether the sim we use should have balance for sending data through GPRS as well as sms and why. Thanks in Advance
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    Gsm sim900 continous data sending issue

    Hi al, Im using GSM SIM900 modem to interface to the microcontroller STM32F100 It gets connected to the server and sent the data.Im sending data continuously with a time interval of 5 minutes or less.The next time after 5min i gave the AT command AT+CIPCLOSE,AT+CIPSHUT,AT+CIPSTART.... etc to...
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    Gsm sim 900 post data to server

    Hi all, please send the correct format to post http data to a server using GPRS.Im using sim900 module and STM32F100 Microcontroller. My get function is ok.The only problem is while posting the data.Server is accepting the request and Im getting the response.But the data is not uploaded in the...
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    GSM modem sim 900 web page content viewing problem

    hi al, Im interfacing SIM 900 GSM Modem to microcontroller and sent GPRS AT commands.Connection is ok.But Im not able to view the webpage content in hyper terminal. I gave the following data after sending AT commands. GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 \r\n Host:www.8051projects.net \r\n...
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    gsm modem resetting issue

    Hi all, My GSM Modem sim900 module resetting automatically and sending commands RDY +CFUN: 1 +CPIN: READY.It happens after sending AT+CIFSR command.Please help me to fix this error.

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