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    how to interface webcam with LABView

    labview webcam actually my final year project using labview software, until i cannot communicate with the labview and my webcam hope any body help
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    Help me find real values for LNA

    i have design a LNA using for wireless LAN, until now i can't find the real value for my chip rsistor, inductor and capacitor. i attach my datasheet, maybe easy for us to aunderstand. hope any people can guide me. regard AbM
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    How to use Labview for interfacing with DAQ card?

    labview started... interested to study how to used Labview for interfacing with DAQ card
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    suitable circuit for humidity sensor

    circuit of humidity sensor any body can help me, suggest me appropriate circuit to integrate with humidity sensor
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    how to interface from usb port to parallel port

    hai any body can seggest me something,,,,, i have a new project to interface from usb port to parallel pc relayed board, the purpose is to control 3 or 4 circuit with the relayed board, GUI is develope to communicate with pc to the parallel relayed board,,, the issue is i cannot communicate...
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    Application of com port and code in C++

    any body can help me about com port in C++ and the application
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    how to interfacing using C++ Builder 6

    Salam.... any body can help me, how to set up programming using C++ Builder 6, in example to open port, communicate from pc to other device. regard abm

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