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    How a dc generator works? Some basic infos

    How a dcgenerator works? plz explian
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    what is backend in vlsi

    what i sbackend in vlsi
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    What is Nanotechnology

    What is Nantechonology. How it is goiin gto effect the electronics filed
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    About FPGA And ASIC and structed Socs

    Hi I have doubt regarding the FPGAs and ASICs and STructed SoCs. Can any one explain about this?
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    What is the Bluetooth ?

    Can any one update me what is bluetooth
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    can any one tell me about the verifcation

    I want to know good books on verification, websites, and tools please help
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    can any one telll me vera training courses

    Can tell me any about VERA Training courses. or books
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    Need info about the verification of SoC

    please tell me verification of SoC?
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    please tlle me abotu vlsi

    can any one say about vlsi
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    The difference between register, latch and flip-flop

    Can u tell me the difference between register, latch and filpflop
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    about the reg in verilog

    pls explain the reg in verilog
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    about Electrical & Electronics

    hello plz help me in knowing the differnce between electrical and electronics
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    plz send me a verilog book

    i want some verilog stuff
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    about the present day technology

    pls say wat is the present day technology used in processors.

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