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  1. J

    Can I replace a led for a solid state relay on a led vu meter?

    Hi, does anybody know how sensitive are these little components (solid state relay)? I was thinking about if they can be triggered just by the small energy that a led vumeter circuit uses to turn on a regular led. I want to replace the leds for solid state relays instead, so I can switch much...
  2. J

    Using 2 potentiometer pins only for audio in?

    Hi, I have this doubt, what happen if I dont use the third pin of the potentiometer in an audio application? Its just a pin connected to ground, is it really necessary connecting it there? I need to do some potentiometer extensions, and if I can only use 2 pins, then I will use a minor number of...
  3. J

    How to desolder a potentiometer with solder in both board faces.

    Hi, few minutes ago, I tried to desolder a potentiometer of a double layer circuit board, I found that some pins are soldered in the surface, and I can not access that area because the potentiometer body are hidden them. So I only could use a copper mesh to remove the solder of the pins in one...
  4. J

    capacitor or resistos to isolated mixed sources?

    capacitor or resistor to isolate mixed sources? Hi, when I as young, our teacher show us a passive mixer, each entrance had only one green capacitor in series with the entrance, it was not electrolytic but ceramic or polyester, it sounded so good for just being there 2 simple components. Now...
  5. J

    Something like LM338 but mosfet?

    Hi, does anybody know a little circuit that makes the same thing that lm338 circuit does? I need a voltage regulator, and I was thinking, why using this thing that heats and its not every efficient, maybe theres something with mosfet that does not even need heatsink, lm338 usually needs a...
  6. J

    TIP31 feeding about 25 leds (audiorhytm circuit)

    Hi guys, I am in the way of put some leds to an active speaker that I am building. This speaker has 3 drivers, one is for bass, and two for voice and stereofonic sound. The amplifier board is one of those popular circuits you can find on ebay, which have two amplifiers class D, one bridged...
  7. J

    Modifying a simple shock box diagram.

    Hello everyone. As many of you may know, this is a very popular diagram to build a shock box. What is a shock box ? It basically is a box that has two electrodes and a potentiometer to control the intensity. the user take the two tubes in order to feel energy passing through the arms and body...
  8. J

    What kind of motors do I need in order to make a personal transporter ?.

    :-) Hi. I have planned making a simple personal transporter device for my nephew. I will simple attach four or maybe three shopping cart wheels into a wooden circular base. The objective is to make a simple transportation base where you can travel standing. I have planned to use two 24 volts dc...
  9. J

    Biggest potentiometer for my shock box.

    Hi, I am having problems with the potentiometer of this shock box. The potentiometer just lasts some days before it burns. First I used those size penny's potentiometers, but they burned too quickly, then I used those 25 cents size (0.5W) these were better, but they also eventually got burned...
  10. J

    Need information about these kind of high power leds.

    Hi guys. I am in the process of making a led bar lamp that uses these high power leds (10w each!). By the way, they do cost around $1 each one, very cheap! I need to know if these leds do need a resistor in series, or if I should connect it directly to the 12V. They do work with 12V, but I have...
  11. J

    Adjustable regulator (12v-2A) controlled by a simple remote controller ?

    Hi guys. I Have planned making a led lamp bar using a square metal tube and some 10W SMD leds. But I also want to control its bright intensity, so I had planned adding a little DC adjustable regulator (**broken link removed**), so I can control the bright with a potentiometer. Yes, the lamp will...
  12. J

    Want to make a litte heater using an Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistor 6.8 Ohm 50W

    I got a new project where I need a little heather to warm up a little space (3x3x2 feet). I have planned to use an Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistor 50W 6.8 Ohm attached to a common cpu heatsink. I am looking the simplest way to control its temperature. What about using a 300w dimmer connected...
  13. J

    What is the name of those wires that gets really hot ?

    Hi. I was wondering what is the name of those wires that can get really hot, I think they are high wattage resistors and are used in tasks that demands heat. (like soldering irons, aquarium heaters and many other homemade applications like glass bottle cutters)
  14. J

    How to connect several leds into a ic 555

    Hi guys, I have planned to make a simple flashing led matrix (Maybe 50x50) so I can use it as an amazing bike rear light attached to my backpack. How can I connect 10, 20 or even 50 leds to pin 3 ? Is it simple ? or will I need a lot of extra components ? (like transistors) Thanks so much...

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