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    AM VHF (122.7mhz monopole antenna - ground plane effects

    ground plane affects only radiation pattern, and nothing else.
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    Ultra Wideband Antenna for 400 Mhz-800 Mhz frequency range

    try conical skirt or discone, they have wideband characteristics.
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    how can i learn HFSS

    to learn HFSS do following; 1. install HFSS 2. go through the basic pdf learning guide available with every version of HFSS in its directory 3. pdf is self explanatory and very easy to follow 4. build basic structures like T- junction etc
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    HFSS 11 and 12 performance on Windows 7

    i am using HFSS 12 on win 7 64 bit edition on my laptop, everything is fine except, RAM requirement 8 GB for win 7 64 bit OS, so its better to stick with win xp 64 bit.
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    monopole antenna design in hfss, freq range 30-512 MHZ

    how to add inductance and resistance to a monopole antenna? can you upload some examples?
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    monopole antenna design in hfss, freq range 30-512 MHZ

    i designed a loaded monopole and a helical (normal mode) monopole but both using ADK in hfss 12.1, but still couldn't achieve the bandwidth requirement. what should i do to perfectly design a monopole from 30-512 MHz?

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