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    [SOLVED] coil reconstruction using CST

    Hi everybody. I want your help to model this coil in CST: I used MACROS to construct 2 coil like this: Could anybody help me to complete this coil? This coil injects sinusoidal current.
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    sinusoidal current coil in CST

    Hi everybody. I defied a coil in CST. I want to have a 1.8 kA sinusoidal current signal with f=5k in this coil. please help me it's really important for me. For sake of defining coil, I'm using CST EM.
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    Induced electric filed in a conductor volume

    Hi everyone. I want to use CST for calculating induced electric filed in a conductor volume. Current coil will be used for stimulation. could any body help me to find a similar example to solve this? thanks a lot.
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    CST human voxel tutorial

    Hi everybody, I’m new in CST. I want to start to use this software for simulation of electric field in the human head. Stimulation will be via coil that positioned above the head. Is there any tutorial that I can read for this aim?
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    Import arbitrary volume to CST

    Hello everyone. I want to use CST for FDTD simulation. As a 3D model, I will use volume that extracted from MRI images. It has analyze format, I could read it in matlab. I am wondering if anybody could help me to converting my files to that I can import them to CST? Thanks.

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