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    Question about large signal modelling of HEMT in ADS

    Hello I am trying to model a microwave transistor using Agilent ADS built-in models. The model name I have chosen is EE_HEMT model from the GaAs library. I studied the model details from the help files provided by the Agilent and after separation of the parameters into DC and ac ones, I tried...
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    Double integral in MATLAB

    double integral matlab Hi everybody Do you know how to calculate a double integral in MATLAB when the inner integral limits are themselves functions of the outer variable? Considering that I don't want to change the variables.
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    "sup" in functional analysis

    Hi I have encountered an abbreviation "sup" in an article just as below: d(x,y)=sup|x(t)-y(t)| What does "sup" stands for in functional analysis? I am a beginner in this issue.Please explane it a little. Thank you so much.
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    What are "Toeplitz" and "Hurwitz" matrices?

    Hi What are "Toeplitz" and "Hurwitz" matrices? What properties do they have? Regards
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    Looking for Stephen Hawkins books

    How can I find Stephen Hawking books entitled as below: 1)"A Brief History of Time" 2)"The Edge of Space time" Regards
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    The folding technique and pole extraction method for sommerfeld integral

    As I studied in IEEE papers,there are three main techniques in treating singularities that arises in sommerfeld integrals in full wave analysis: contour-deformation approach,the folding technique and pole extraction method. I could not find any discription about two latter ones. Can anybody...
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    variable assignment in MATLAB

    Hi I have a problem in assigning a large number of variables with increasing indices. Here is a simple example which shows exactley what I want: var1=a; % a,b,... are are numbers or outputs of some functions var2=b; var3=c; . . . var100=z; How can I...
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    Pointers in MATLAB programming

    Hi everybody Is there something like "pointers" in MATLAB programming language? I want to deal with many variables in several m.files and refer to them from another m.files.and it is best done by pointers. best regards
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    what are sommerfeld integrals?

    Hi What are the sommerfeld Integrals that appear in full wave analysis? regards
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    What are the Sommerfeld integrals that appear in full wave analysis?

    Hi What are the sommerfeld Integrals that appear in full wave analysis? regards
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    What is Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit?

    Hi everybody Please explain about Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits. What does "mixed" mean ? regards
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    what is delta sigma modulation?

    delta sigma modulation Hi Can anybody explain a little about Delta Sigma Modulation? Do you know a good book about it? thanks.
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    inverse fourier transform help

    unit step + inverse fourier Hi everybody I want to take an inverse fourier transform of a very big function. I mean the integrand is very long and it covers 4 or 5 lines to write it only. So I have to use numerical method to find it ,but there is another problem that the function has a...
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    How to write an algorithm that integrates the functions that have singularity points?

    How can we write an algorythm to integrate the functions that have some singularity points in the range of integration. In an analytical form we can use complex plane to map the main integrand to the one contains complex variables and then use the specific methods of the integration of the...

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