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    about microcontroller 8051

    I am a begginer for embedded systems. I have completed 8051. then what is the next step? help me towards development. now i m in dilemma.
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    what is the best next platform after 8051

    next after 8051 I am an embedded beginner.i thoroughed 8051 fully.what is the thing i should learn at next in embedded systems? Please give me the guidance........
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    I have the op amp circuit but i dont know which is the app.

    I have the op amp circuit. but i dont know which is the application is that?i mentioned that circuit please revert me if anyone knows
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    can anyone suggest me the simulator for8051

    frontline topview simulator can anyone suggests a simulator for microcontroller for 8051..configured with all interfacing ciruits.just like edsim? edsim is not effiecient..

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