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    Why my power still low?

    hi friends, I made match for port1 to port2 or port3 for two antennas, and measured them,and get good result as photoes. But when i connected port 1 to RF module and measured conduct power on port2 or port3,get poor result.On the contrary,when i made port1 to port2 or port3 mismatch can get...
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    Mixer isolation simulation need help

    Hi friends, I simulated a mixer.I found the node"Vin" has more harmonic as bellow attached,what cause this case.and how to reject LO frequency from RF input port?What type filter i can remove LO frequency? Thanks
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    Why the impedance is different?

    Dear friends, I simulated BJT mixer with ADS.when i want to match input port,i found some strange things that get the different impedance at input port between z parameter and s parameter,but output terminal can got result. Would Any friend kindly tell me the root cause? Thanks,
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    How to debug the output match of PA?

    Dear friends, I have a PA demo board.vendor supply us the MMIC PA load pull impedance and PCB.and duplex follow PA.my work is debug the board.some documents tell me:firstly connect the componts in series with 0R between PA and duplex,measure the output impedance,then match the load pull...
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    What cause my designkit error in ADS?

    Hi friends, Now i am using freescale designkit to simulate PA.(I download the kit from it's home page),i met error show when simulating as attached. Any friend help me fix it so that i can continue to run the simulation? Thanks,
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    PA load pull and source pull need help

    Hi friends, I want to simulate PA with ADS.When i simulate load pull and source pull.I puzzle about the Z setting as following photoes: 1.Whether i use the default fundmental freq impedance 10+j*0 or other unknow impedance.For after simulation,we can get the Ropt=2.615-j*2.621. 2.How to set...
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    source pull in ADS need help

    Hi friends, Always we need do load pull simulation firstly and get the optimum load,and secondly run source pull simulation.My question,how to set Load impedance when i do source pull simulation?I need set it optimum load or other (considering Harmonic pull)? Thanks,
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    Load pull simulation in ADS need help

    Hi friends, The first time simulate load pull,a question about the DC block and DC feed components as attached photo,whether i need modify the cap. and RF choke values if i use another device and different frequencics simulated.Or i insert the device into the example directly(why?)? Thanks,
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    PA Bias(ClassAB) need help?

    Hi friends, I am a newbie,and want to design PA.I have a question how to select the Bias as following requirement: RF Output Power: 50 W PEP(Peak envelope power ) Input Drive Level : 1 W Output Load (RL): 50 Ω Efficiency (η) > 50% Bias Voltage: 28 V Device: MRF9045M...
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    Suggestions on how to plot Nmos's gm in ADS

    How to plot gm in ADS? Hi friends, I want to plot Nmos's gm and it's differential coefficient.I got a photo,but i do not how to get them:i do not know what is diffX(I only can find diff() function ) at X-axial and how to plot Y-axial(which equation?). Anyone can help me? Thanks,
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    what causes my DUT's frequency drift?

    Hi friends, I designed a DECT(GFSK modulation) unit.Testing PCBA's frequency is OK,but when i assemble it,turn the unit around testing frequency drift(radiation),i found the drift change from 3KHz to 28KHz with different angle,my specification is within 15KHz.What causes the phenomenon...
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    whether i can solder directly...

    Hi friends, I am tuning filter.My workmate told me that can not solder the components when tuning,and have to disconnect demo board.I do not know why i can not solder directly(My VNA is 8753ES and the iron has ESD protection),and I feel it is so inconvenient.Have all of you it the same as...
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    HFSS SAR simulaion need help

    hfss sar Hi friends, Please find the link: And help me. Thanks,
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    SAR simulation need help in HFSS

    sar 21 simulator Hi friends, I am newbie to simulate SAR in HFSS,and my custom request us to supply them the SAR simulation data(antenna) of HFSS.And i have ever found photoes about the SAR simulation in HFSS,Now attached the photoes as bellow.My questions are :how to get the 1g averageing...
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    Why setting mom differential ports shows error?

    ads differential port reference plane Hi friends, I want to set mom differential port in the same reference plane,but fail,and shows error as attached message.How can i set differential port in the same reference plane? Thanks,
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    whether i need separate ground into 3 types ground in BB

    separate ground Hi friends, In my baseband system,it has three types ground:audio ground,digital ground and RF ground,my RF board is designed with another board that only have one type ground----all types of grounds are connected to the bottom ground layer(double side FR4 board),can be...
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    why my co-simulation show error in ADS?

    Hi friends, I want to co-simulate power divider when i create layout component,it shows error.Anyone can help me?
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    HFSS simulate antenna need help

    hi friends, I have a problem to simulate Pifa antenna,anyone can help me?please find the attached link: Thanks,
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    Why i can not get 5.8G resonate frequency in HFSS?

    5.8g pifa antenna Hi friends, I want to design 5.8GHz PIFA antenna in HFSS as bellow,but i do not know why S11 is so poor.Anyone kindly help me find the root cause? Thanks,
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    Why my S21 is different in momentum simulation?

    mesh option in momentum of ads Hi friends, I am simulating bandstop filter(5.5G~6.5GHz) in momentum.When i set the stop frequency as 7.5GHz,i got: And if i set the stop frequency is 8GHz,I can get: My question,why can i get the different result as i set the different stop frequency?which...

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