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    input for acquisition

    hi frnds.. does anyone know abt the gold codes which are to be given as input for acquisition .. is it easy to generate such codes for a specific satellite.. if so plz give an overall view of how to do that..
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    Help me convert a C code to Matlab code

    hi friends can anyone help me in converting the c code to matlab code i actually have a part of the prg module in c code it would be of help if anyone has an idea thanks
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    gpu coding for circuit partitioning using memetic algorithm

    hi frnds... can anyone give me an idea of executing the above said project... i have the cpu coding for this project.... does anyone guide me to convert it to gpu coding...plz reply at an earliest if u know...
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    Matlab coding for gps software receiver

    hi frnd..thnx for the help so far xtended...
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    Matlab coding for gps software receiver

    thnx yaar.. just gone through it..can u plz ref n tell me how d acquisition module as to be executed...and also that waat advantages serial search has over the other two methods...
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    Matlab coding for gps software receiver

    could u just give me an idea of wich module is for watt..sorry frnd for the inconvenience...but i dont have any other source.....dats y frnd.........i am in a very dead end...cant know waat to do..how to proceed..just share waat u know and how do u think my proj shld be implemented in software....
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    Matlab coding for gps software receiver

    thank u... but since am just a beginner...could not understand anythng.. am carying out only the software implementation of this proj yaar.. input will b got from a external source... if u dont mind can u plz guide me further if u cant...thank u for ur help
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    Matlab coding for gps software receiver

    hi...am doing project on Evaluation of Pseudorange of a software gps receiver.....i need matlab modules for parallel fast search acquisition,tracking ,positioning ....can anyone help me plz...

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