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  1. J

    12v dc power supply with multiple devices

    Here is my dilemma: I have just built a new aquarium and the setup requires a number of 12v power supplies. When done I will be running (3 )12v 1.4W fans and four 12vCoil 120v dpdt relays. Currently I am running 2 fans from a 12v .5A power supply and 2 relays from a 12v 1A power supply. I...
  2. J

    Inchworm+ programming problems

    I bought the inchworm+ kit and assembled it. Everything seems to check out until I try to program a pic. I have tried different types of pics and still get the same address error so I think it is something to do with the inchworm. Any help that you can give would be great for this novice...

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