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    PCB assembly in USA.

    I need to put some BGA chips on two identical PCBs. I want fast process so the factory should be in USA. Are there any recommendations? Thanks.
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    Pad customization in Protel 99se.

    Forgive me for using this antique:bang: I'm trying to customize a pad **broken link removed** What I did is simply placing a rectangle pad and a round pad together **broken link removed**. In PCB editor, it appears to be **broken link removed**. It looks the rectangle pad is partially...
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    How to improve the strength of PCB board?

    I need to install a 20inx12in PCB board on a vehicle. How can I improve the strength of the board so that it won't bend?
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    Ultrasonic transducers.

    I'm trying to build a circuit for ultrasound detection, and I'm asking for help to select ultrasonic transducers for it. The detailed requirements are: . The distance between the transmitter and the receiver is approx. 30 ft.The transmitter should have low power consumption, so the receiver...
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    Power plane thickness for low voltage high current supply.

    I'm design a PCB with low voltage (1.0V) high current (up to 50A) power supply for a single chip. But I'm not sure about the thickness of copper for the power plane. How do I calculate this parameter? Is 1oz enough for it? I saw gigabyte has been using 2oz on its motherboards, but I guess the...
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    Q: fully-connected resistor network on chip

    To what scale (measured with node number) can such a on chip network, in which any two nodes are connected through a resistor, be implemented using technology that is available now? How about the precision of the resistors (100%, 50%, 10%, 1%, ...)? Can we make the resistors adjustable in a...
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    Power management IC for portable devices?

    I've been looking for a PMIC with multiple (3, 4 or more) regulators for battery powered portable devices. Small size, small quiescent current, programmable output voltage with enable/disable control, that's the requirement. I'd be appreciate if you could give me some advice. Thanks.

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