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    Eliminating 6kHz to power a small fan

    I am trying to vary the speed of a small computer fan (30mm, 5VDC, brushless) with the output from a small digital electronic speed control. It has an output frequency of 6kHz (per the guy who made it). The fan does not run. Is there a simpe way to use that output to make the fan speed...
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    6-9 VDC, 1A max. Oscillator Circuit needed

    I need a simple circuit to take a range of 6-8.5 volts from a NiMH battery pack and add "buzz" to it. I don't even know the frequency I want, but I'm guessing maybe anything from a hundred to 1Khz would work. Accuracy, stability, etc not important - just need to add buzz. Variablefrquency...
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    Zener circuit help please

    Will this work? If it will, wha are the zener and R1 values please? If it won't work, what will?

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