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    Help please:FM RECEIVER CHIP project

    one chip fm receiver ic thanks for ur reply ... i made the layout (exactly the same as the real one according to datasheet which its sop-16 footprint) the problem is the simulation part ,,,i know its very difficult help me with any fm receiver chip or Ic (like sc1088 ),,, thanks again ,,,sorry...
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    Help please:FM RECEIVER CHIP project

    tda7010 thanks Audioguru but u still didn't help me ....i want 2 make the radio chip sc1088 on multisim ...the problem is the code ...i made the footprint (the layout :its shape and pins exactly as the real one )...but its still stone without the model maker (mathematic or code part ) so that i...
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    Help please:FM RECEIVER CHIP project

    fm receiver chip Hi.. i have project ( fm radio sc1088)for simulation ...and i don't have this component in multisim so i wanna 2 make it with footproint(sop-16) according 2 data sheet but the problem in model maker i don't know how to make it the simulation part? hope that u can help me ... thanks

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