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    What do you expect Protel 2004 will be like?

    Re: Protel 2004 True, it's still lacking a lot of the features that Specctra include as options. The approach the're taking with electra, at least at the moment, is that it's all inclusive - there are no add-ons. The only thing that differentiates between versions is the number of routing...
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    What do you expect Protel 2004 will be like?

    Re: Protel 2004 Must admit 99SE works fine for me, with Orcad SDT (the old dos version) for schematic capture, and spectra for autorouting if required. NB - if anyone is looking at purchasing autorouting softwre in the near future give Elektra a try. I've been comparing it to spectra and it's...
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    What do you expect Protel 2004 will be like?

    Re: Protel 2004 I've finally received the 2004 update, and installed it this morning. I never bothered with DZP when it came out, since based on experience with protel I knew ot would be full of bugs until about SP3. Looking at 2004 I'm fairly surprised - it really doesn't bear much...
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    Advice a Prog like BoardMaker

    easy-pc boardmaker Boardmaker - that brings back memories! If you're unhappy with it why are you looking for program that behaves the same? You should have a look at Ivex Winboard (and Windraft) as well as eagle, since they're reasonably priced. For layout I use Protel (99SE) but it costs...
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    Vcc and GND in multilayer PCB?

    routing gnd on a pcb Put the Power and ground layers adjacent to each other.
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    Protel Footprint Help

    What do you mean exactly? Do you have a package where pins are connected internally? This wouldn't normally be handled by editing the footprint, but by connecting the appropriate nets on the schematic. If you want to route signals into and then out of the device that's usually a bad idea...
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    Could you recommend a good PCB tool?

    Protel 99SE is much easier to use than Orcad (it doesn't contrstrain you as much as the Orcad offering). The only real problem is that Protel for some unknown reason stopped development on what was a decent program (99SE with all it's service packs) and brought out DXP, which seems to be a...

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