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    What is Radio board considering Silicon Labs BGM13P module?

    I am about to buy silabs BGM13P BLE module as given in this linkhttps://www.mouser.in/ProductDetail/Silicon-Labs/BGM13P22F512GA-V2R?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsGelYiB%252bjhZoug4L%2fWODSM7Fx4KdEhVtKbmv0yCxCjZA%3d%3d But while reading the information on Silabs website for this module I came across this Radio...
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    NRF24L01+ interrupting MCU only once.

    Hi, I am using NRF24L01+ as wireless communication medium. The NRF on PRX side interrupts MCU only once for recieved data. Although it sends ACK to NRF at PTX side. And I have also seen that this NRF at PRX side "discards" data recieved, by polling the registers. Same problem was faced by one...
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    [SOLVED] How current is limited in this charge controller?

    Hi, I am about to build this kind of PWM charge controller but using PIC MCU. But I am not getting how current is limited in this? In that instructable author says:"The amount of charging current is determined by difference between battery voltage and charge set point voltages". But how...
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    [SOLVED] How to copy a particular char from char string to a single char

    I am trying to work with PIC and GSM communication. In that as a notification after receieving SMS GSM sends string as:+CMTI: "SM",5. So I want to copy that '5' in a char. But though copying it the value in the char becomes garbage value and not '5'. Here is the code snippet: char SMSL; // this...
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    How to apply PWM signal to H-Bridge made of MOSFETS

    Hi, I am working on multilevel inverters using cascaded H-bridge topology. But I am confused on how to apply a PWM signal to H bridge for this application. As it is multilevel inverter so the signal voltage should increase step by step so PWM should be used. But I am confused that do I need to...
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    [SOLVED] SIM900A responding with ERROR

    Hi, I am working with SIM900A GSM module. I was testing it by sending ""AT\r\n" but it is responding by string ERROR. I am using PIC18F452. The same code was working well with SIM300 but SIM900A is responding with ERROR. And when used with PC it is working correctly it is giving correct OK...
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    [SOLVED] NRF24L01 CE and CSN pin loading PIC

    Hi, I am working on NRF24L01+(PA and LNA) version. But while experimenting with it I found that the CE and CSN pin of NRF is either loading PIC RC1 and RC2 pin. I am saying "loading" because when NRF is connected the output voltage of PIC RC1 pin(connected to CE of NRF) goes to 1.35V and same...
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    How to connect two TRIACs with each other to control common load

    Hello everyone, I am trying to connect two TRIACs to control common load as a incandescent lamp. I just want to switch it ON/OFF no dimming. I also tried connecting TRIAC like normal 2 switch connection but it damaged one TRIAC(it shorted and is always ON without gate) so how can we connect 2...
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    How AC voltage stabilizer works

    Hi one and all, I am studying AC voltage stabilizers and I have got good info on internet. but I didn't got any basic information regarding how a auto transformer tappings can be connected/disconnected to increase or decrease mains AC voltage. I have got a auto transformer with 3 tappings...
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    How to use commercial smoke detector within our circuits

    Hello, I am struggling to know how to interface the commercial smoke detectors used in fire alarm.I am not able to understand the logic of interfacing these detectors. I have one from system sensor model no-2351E named SMOKE DETECTOR-PHOTO. I am not able to find datasheet of this model but...
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    [SOLVED] how to calculate max current that a AC voltage stabiliser can supply?

    I have seen many voltage stabiliser circuits on internet I understood the Buck/Boost principle but I didn't understood how to calculate max current it can supply. I am confused whether the load is on mains or transformer?Please guide me.
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    [SOLVED] Measuring leakage current of mains using Current transformer

    Hello everyone, I am trying to measure leakage current using current transformer.I am using this circuit **broken link removed** And instead of LM324 I am using OP07. But when I try to leak current the transformer don't respond to any leakage. maybe my leaking curent method is wrong. Experts...
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    [SOLVED] Measuring mains frequency using PIC

    hello everyone I am trying to measure frequency using PIC16f886. I am using simple comparator for Sine wave to square wave conversion. And I have attached the input of comparator with RA4/T0CLK to use Timer0 as a counter.I have also copied code for it but my LCD displays counts from 0-9 and then...
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    [SOLVED] Measuring Current through CT

    Hello, I am trying to measure current from CT and I am able to measure current accurately above 1A but when measuring the current less than 1A then error occurs. I am using PIC16F886 with LCD 2x16. When current goes less than 1A suppose its 250mA then on display ideally it should be 0.25A but...
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    [SOLVED] LCD is not displaying anything

    Hi, I am trying to display Current and voltage values on LCD but its not working. I could see only "black squares" in first row.But if I remove any of the code part(current_read or voltage read) then LCD works!Here is my code: // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RB7_bit; sbit LCD_EN at...
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    [SOLVED] Can we use WSH515 hall effect sensor for AC current measurement

    Hi everyone, I am trying to measure AC mains current. I have tried making current transformer for ac current measurement but it didn't worked! So I have turned to use this WSH315 hall effect sensor. So can we use it? if yes how? Any help would be appreciated. link for sensor...
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    [SOLVED] LCD showing random texts

    Hi all, I am using PIC16f628A and compiler is MikroC pro for PIC. I am actually making a project to test switching speed of electromechanical relay. Here is my code: //Relay switching speed test // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RB2_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB3_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at...
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    [SOLVED] PIC working in unusual way!

    Hi all! I am trying to make PIC to work,but its working in unusual way! I have used PICs many times and have a good experience on it, but from today, I am not able to make PIC to work as usual. The problem I am facing is, I am actually developing water level controller using PIC16F628A and I...
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    LED working in unusual way!

    Hi everyone I have faced unusual problem of LED and I'm curious regarding solution for it. Problem is: I have used ULN2003 for driving relays, and interfaced the LED's cathode on the outputs of ULN2003 and provided +5V via 1K resistor to anode of LED, but LEDs exhibited some unusual voltage on...
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    [SOLVED] Problem in reading string from UART

    Hi everyone, I am reading a string as response from SIM 300 GSM module. The string transmitted by GSM module is "RING" so I am using UART1_Read_text library function.I am using PIC16F628A and I am able to send SMS, dial calls etc,but as a beginner in serial communication I am unable to read/...

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