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    request for dc servo motor driver schematic.

    servo drive schematic using a full-bridge driver.
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    Will a motor burn if its turned on/off with about 1 hertz?

    will this motor burn? a motor is not so easy to burn.
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    How to print a PCB - negative or positive ?

    A PCB question the board is good.
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    [Q]HOW to measure the square wave length ??

    can you use square pulse to test the length?
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    I need help on a project urgently.

    it's a sensor.I think it'll not be complex.
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    Looking for a ring generator

    Req: Ring Generator you can find in the book of razavi
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    Whats the role of 2 transistors in this power supply?

    Power supply problem? I think it can work positive or negative?

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