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    24V dc to 20Kv Dc conversion...need help

    Hi There...guys... hope you all are doing good and fine...!!! I need some help on High voltage conversion... 1 --> Input voltage 24V dc -- Output Voltage 20Kv dc with 20uA current 2 --> Input Voltage 230V ac -- Output voltage 20Kv dc with 20uA current How to go with this...??? I have...
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    I2C Communication Between two Micorcontrollers

    iic half-duplex communication Hello Freinds... is it possible to do I2C Between Two Microcontrollers??? If yes How To do this....?? this was one of the interview question i am not able to answer. :-( Thanks Sadashiv
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    Protel DXP 2004 Fill Pad option...

    HI... Is there any option availble in Protel DXP for the PAD FILL OPtion.. i mean there is a option available in Eagle called fill Pad....with this it is really easy to drill in a systematic way....when we Fabricate PCBs at home...
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    Freescale Open source Debugger (BDM)

    open source bdm Hi This is a Freescale Debugger "OSBDM08". I have made the circuit in DXP2004. may be helpful for someone.... Thanks & Regards Sadashiv
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    Regarding TCP IP Lean book

    Hi, I have the softcopy of the E book TCP IP Lean from our forum. In this book he had written that, there is a CD which comes with this book, In that CD he had some codes for TCP IP and also for PICDEMO.net......... I dont have that CD.... does anybody have that CD....or its content...
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    Writing Floating point numbers to serial eeprom

    Hi ... how to write floating point numbers to serial eeprom for IAR MSP430 . Thanks in Advance Sadashiv
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    making ps format using Protel 2004

    Hi, How to make a PS (post script) format of gerber files using protel 2004. Regards Sadashiv
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    USB based JTAG for MSP430 series microcontroller

    msp430 usb jtag schematic Hi... does anybody has documentaion or a schematic of USB based JTAG for MSP430 series Microcontroller..... Thanks in advance Sadashiv
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    Programmer for PIC 10F2xx

    Programmer for 10F2xx Hello, I need help regarding 10F2XX (PIC) Programming. I Searched the net for this where i got some schmatics....but they dont support for this perticular PIC IC. if anybody having files which support this PIC it will be really helpful.... Thanks in advance.... Sadashv
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    3D Component models for Protel 2004

    Is there any way to creat 3D component models for protel..... anybody know how to do this....then let me know.... Thanks In advance Sadashiv
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    ADSL modem overvoltage protection

    overvoltage protection for modems Hello... I want to make a overvoltage and lightning protector for my ADSL modem.... if anybody has any idea abt this then please let me know.... Thanks Sadashiv
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    Looking for info about Nokia 6600 LCD pin and controller

    I need information regarding the nokia 6600 lcd ... i need the pin and controller info for this perticular LCD.... Thanks in Advance... Sadashiv
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    accessing MMC without file system

    Hi, i want to access the MMC card without using FAT16...I want the normal read write access... my problem is i dont know the addressing of MMC...how to access each individula sector... how to raed and write each individual sectors with there addresses...??? how to calculate the address of the...
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    fonts for graphic lcd's (other than english)

    Hi, anybody has idea about fonts other than english.... which can be used with graphic lcd's i got a font generator from net....but it supports windows font... any document or artical or site would be helpfull Thanks Sadashiv
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    Freq counter using 8051...

    Hi I want to buid a frequency counter using 8051... what is the max freq we can count using 8051... I have seen PIC based projects but not getting 8051 based app note... My freq requairement is 40MHz... if any body has some notes regarding this forward me or give mr rep... Thanks Sadashiv
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    gang programming for 8051

    Hi... anybody have a document or a circuit for how to program multiple 8051 uc's i searched on the net ...and still searching.... Thanks Sadashiv www.custom-logics.com
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    Interfacing T610 (Sony Ericsson) camera module

    t610 camera interface Hi I want to interface a T610 camera module to MSP microcontroller but I am not able to get the pinout of the camera. I have searched on the net but unsuccessful. If sombody had worked on this please give me the details regarding the pinout and functionality of the T610...
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    Interfacing MMC card with CPLD...

    cpld mmc Hi, I want to interface a MMC card with CPLD. currently reading and searching for the requaired stuffs. but need help regarding how to go ahead with this .... how to implement SPI in cpld??? if anybody had done this before...help needed Thanks Sadashiv
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    Make your own SMPS with Powerintegrations.com

    Hi, may be some people know about this. Still if you people want to make your own SMPS then just go to Power Integration site. Good SMPS Ic's as well as they provide a good software for free from which you can make your own SMPS sircuit with minimum amount of components. These people also has...
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    CPLD for image processing

    Hi, I want to do a project of capturing image from cmos camera and after doing some image processing will be dump in MMC or SD card. presently just reading the video formats and realeted stuffs.... has anbody done this before.... need help on this ..... which format will be better to store in...

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