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    About TSMC 0.18um device model

    where did you find the models?
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    online analog circuit design study?

    go to berkeley's websit.
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    How do you simulate the start up circuit for a bandgap?

    Bandgap Design I think the simulate of startup is not nessary.for you can judge it by hand.I think the stable of the circuit is important.
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    Help me with biasing of npn push-poll stage

    push-poll stage I think the structure in opamp will be useful.
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    How to simulate noise in bandgap voltage reference?

    I think it's the model's problem.
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    IC Application Engineer vs IC Design Engineer

    I think application designer will get more marcket.
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    getting -5V from 5V supply to drive opamp?

    you can use a dc-dc to stable the negative power supply.
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    Guess what this circuit is for !!! :)

    it's a power circuit.
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    i am beginner,how to study analog circuit design?

    we all suggest you study from razavi's book.
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    What are the formats of analog design documents?

    what's design document? I think the most important is the thinking of circuit.
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    What is the purpose of a power on reset circuit

    Power on Reset I think it is made with TTL circuits.When a signal come ,the circuit operate.
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    Explanation of MOS basic concepts

    basics of mos if you want to know the deep of MOS,you can read razavi's book.
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    a 150W switchmode power supply with 555 timer

    ka3525 schematic i think we should improve effcient.
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    How to simulate a circuit using Spectre?

    Using Spectre I think Spectre &SpectreS is the same.only the model type are difference.
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    Bandgap with a supply domain between 2.. 40V

    can you upload the BICMOS models.
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    Who can upload a 1.2V power supply bandgap paper for me?

    look up at IEEE.you can find it.
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    What type of opamp is more suitable for achieving high PSSR?

    PSSR someone said using a wide band &high gain op.
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    Question about Emitter follower

    emitter follower has the wide band &low output resistance.
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    How to caculate the voltage in picture?

    I think it=VR1+Vbe1+VR4.I will not think of the situation of the transistors.
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    How to design a PWM circuit in CMOS circuit?

    cmos pwm comparator did you design a IC PWM or use IC to realise?

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