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    16f882 TMR1 as frequency counter problem

    Hi, I am trying to make a frequency counter using a pic 16f882 . The idea is using TMR1 to measure the pulse period and use it to get the frequency. I am using a 16 MHz crystal so that TMR1 increases every 250ns ( FOSC/4 and 1:1 Prescale Value ) Here is the code : #include <xc.h> //...
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    USB Trace impedance conundrum

    Hi , I have recently been making a board with a usb connector and FTDI FT232RL. The problem is that i am using a 2 layer board. I used Saturn PCB Calculator , but the traces have to be too big . So , the conundrum is that when i saw the SparkFun USB to Serial Breakout - FT232RL...
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    very accurate frequency counter

    Hi , i want to build very accurate frequency counter (0.1Hz accurate ) . The range is from ~15 Hz to ~1.5 KHz.I am using PIC and uC , also i am using flowcode , so if any has any sugestion i would be very happy to hear them. P.S Sorry for the bad grammar but English is not my native language.
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    frequency counter flowcode help

    Hi , so i recently started using flowcode 5 , and i want to make a frequency counter/meter.I found a great example but i doesnt seem to work for frequensys bigger then 18 Hz .I need it to work from 1 Hz to around 1KHz . but it seems that i cant make it going.So if there is a flowcode expert...
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    LCD PIC menu build help

    Hi , because i wasn't able to find an answer i was hoping you can help.I am trying to build 16x2 lcd menu to change the values of "char",but i dont know how.I need to make the menu and browse it and also to change what the buttons are doing after i come into a submenu so i can change the value...
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    Launch Control Help !!

    Hi , i found this circuit on the net .. (https://code.google.com/p/ecureverse/wiki/LaunchControl) ...... So my question is how does the hysteresis work , and also how can i make it faster because its little slow for my need , i changed the VR1 with 150K pot, VR3 with 50K adjust VR2 so that is...
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    potentiometer problem!!

    Hi , does anyone know of a potentiometer that i can control using voltage?
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    formula convertion problem

    Hi so i have this formula AFR = V*0.228+0.70 .. Where V is the adc value in volts , but i dont know how to convert it into volts and use it in the formula.
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    spark retard unit for car

    Hi, i want to build spark retard unit for my car but i cant find anything on the internet ..... if there is someone out there who can help me i will be very grateful. The point is to delay the spark for no more than 10 degree
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    [SOLVED] Help with pulsing signal

    Hi , how can i turn pulsing 12 v signal into continuous 12v signal
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    [SOLVED] help with simple circuit

    Hi, i need simple circuit for a device which when it is powered it gives out singe pulse (for a 1-2 seconds)
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    VHF airband radio circuit

    Hi, i plan to build VHF airband radio , more specific 110-180 MHz with an antena placed on my roof , if someone has circuits or links please share. :grin:
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    lambda meter problem

    Hi, i am planing to build o2 meter for my car using PIC 16FXXX and i don't know how to make it when it reads the voltage in one of the pins (for example RA2) it converts it into the appropriate lambda value. **broken link removed** Here is how it is suppose to convert the analog value , but...
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    [SOLVED] Problem with project

    Problem with project (gear indicator) Hi , i am making gear indicator, but i cant make the code work properly... i am new to MicroC so i need some help.I am using 7 segment common cathode display and two buttons ,the buttons are connected to PORTA and the 7segment is connected to PORTB. the...
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    [SOLVED] thyristor replacement

    Hi, i am building a cdi but i cant find one of the parts . Its the btv58 thyristor ,, i've serched in all of the electronic stores in my city and i cant find it, so i decidet to look for its replacement but i couldn't find it either , so if someone can tell me with what i can replace the damn...
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    Detecting rising edge

    Hi , i'm building a tachometer for school and its using 5v pulses, and i need to : 1 count the rising edges in 1/10 of a second 2 multiply the result by 600 so i get the rev/min 3 display the result on a 16x2 lcd i know how to display the result , but i don't know how to detect and multiply them.
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    [SOLVED] [Moved] Detecting pulse on PIC pin

    My question is how can i detect a logical "1" on a PIC pin so i can count them over a period of time.
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    PIC pulse counter code help

    Hi , i need help with the code for my rev counter , since i just started working with PIC's i don't quite know what to write. What i need my PIC to do is : 1. Count the number of incoming pulses in 1/10 second ( number of rev in 1/10 sec.) 2. Multiply that number by 600 (so i can get the number...
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    PIC16f628a or PIC16f84ap for replacement of PIC16F628

    hi, i am building a cdi unit ( **broken link removed** ) but i am facing a problem , i can't find PIC16f628 nowhere,all i can find is PIC16f628A-i/p , and in the parts list (**broken link removed** ) PIC16f84AP is presented as replacement ,so can you tell me if it will work with either one ...
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    Proteus problem with simulation

    Hi, i am making a cdi unit in proteus ,but no mather what i do i get the same problems. I have tried using the Proteus VSM help , but that didn't help. Can someone plz help me.

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