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    Looking for info on internal working of digital multimeter

    Digital multimeter Hi everybody, can anybody tell me where to find information on the internal working of a digital multimeter, its constructive aspects and general instrumentation concerning its use? Thanks
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    whitening process for amplitude estimation.

    Hello, I need some information on this subject please. Any site, tutorial, paper, book will be of relevant importance. thanks
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    Where can I get a biosignals database ?

    Biosignals database Does anybody know where can I fing a biosignal database. To be more specific, I need EMG signal from the leg. Thanks
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    What is the clustering analysis ?

    Clustering analysis Hello, I've been reading a few articles which mention clustering analysis or about "clustered usgin a neural network" myoelectric features. What is this cluster thing? How does it work? What is it's importance for signal processing? Thanks
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    Autoregressive moving average (ARMA)

    arma autoregressive moving average Hello, can anybody tell me where I can find a good tutorial on estimation and algorithm for the calculation of the coeficients of autoregressive moving average models?
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    EMG signal processing

    Hi, is anyone here into EMG signal processing, for prosthesis application?
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    neural networks and fuzzy logic

    Hi, I'd like to know if someone can tell me where I can learn the basics of neural network and fuzzy logic. It could be books, papers, tutorials, anything. Thanks

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