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    PCDE and RCDE for WCDMA

    Hi all, What is PCDE (Peak Code Domain Error) and RCDE (Relative Code Domain Error) for a UMTS signal? Also, how can I measure RCDE using a standard MXA N9020A? Many Thanks!
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    Why do satellite use microwaves?

    Hello, I know higher the frequency more likelihood of causing resonance in similar size molecules, thus increasing abosorption chances. Then why do satellites communication use so high frequencies (L, K band etc.) ? I want to know why these pass through the ionosphere and not abosrbed...
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    RF/Microwave Jobs in Canada ?

    Hi there, Which areas have most RF/Microwave jobs in Canada ? I know of the techological hubs like Ontario and Waterloo but I am wondering if somone can give me more specific information on RF jobs .. Many Thanks !
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    RF Engineer for mobile phones - Skills

    rf skills Hello .. I have an interview at Nokia for a 'RF Engineer' position. I have knowledge of generic RF stuff but I was wondering if anyone can specify more on What kind of RF skills are really needed for such a position ? Many Thanks
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    Tracking system - GPS or RF ?

    rf beacon tracking Dear all, I need to make a presentation on what factors to consider in designing a tracking system embedded in the Cash-In-Transit products. I have googled such systems and also on this board, most of the people suggest a GPS-GSM embedded system i.e. finding the location...
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    Designing an Embedded Tracking System

    Dear all, I need to make a presentation on what factors to consider in designing a tracking system embedded in the CIT products. I have googled such systems and also on this board, most of the people suggest a GPS-GSM embedded system i.e. finding the location through a GPS module and...
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    Help for "Error : does not hold value outside clk edge&

    Hello, I am trying to compile a VHDL code written by another person. I am getting this error for a number of signals. The Quartus Help file apparently does not provide any details on this error. Can anyone help what the reason is and how can the error be corrected?
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    VHDL : 'Integer' range and its use

    Hello, I know that integer's range is upto 2^31 - 1. But does this condition apply to the every number in the equation that would result in an integer ? e.g. signal factor : integer ; begin factor <= (2**48) / (300E6) ; factor_bin <= conv_std_logic_vector (factor,20); 2**48 is...
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    How to convert 'real' values to std_logic_vector ?

    vhdl math_real std_logic_vector Is there a way to convert real values to std_logic_vector format? The conv_std_logic_vector() apparently only takes in integer values and gives an error for others ! Many Thanks.
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    Fundamentals of DOA ?

    Hello all, I am a beginner in Direction-of-Arrival problem. Can anyone recommend me some literature that deals with fundamentals and basic 'problem formulation' of DOA Estimation ? I have 'Two Decades of Array Signal Processing Research' by Krim & Viberg but I need more details on the...
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    No Output from VHDL code !?

    Hello all, Being a newbie in VHDL, I am sure theres a stupid mistake somewhere. I just can not get my head around it. There is no output for 'F1' and 'deltaF' below. I am using Altera Quartus as the compiling tool and it gives no error during compilation and simulation. Can someone please...
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    Connecting Symbols in a .bdf file in Quartus II

    Hello everyone, I have designed two separate .bdf files and then made their corresponding symbols. I have then created a new .bdf file and then trying to put all these symbols and connect them together. However, it seems to not generate anything on the output waveforms. All the blocks work...
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    VHDL to schematic conversion - Quartus II ?

    vhdl to schematic Hello, Does anyone know how to convert a VHDL code to schematic in Quartus II ? It might be a simple process but I can't seem to find my way about it. Thanks.
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    Generating a clock in C

    Hello all, I want to generate a clock signal in 'C/C++' and then send it directly through the parallel port to the outside device. Can anyone guide me how to go about this please. Many Thanks.
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    Latest version of TurboC++ ?

    hi all, I'm looking for the latest version of a DOS based C++ compiler, preferably Turbo C++ (since I'm familiar with it). Anyone knows the links please? Many Thanks.
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    Wideband Harmonic Radar ?

    harmonic radar Hello all, I am looking for literature on history, development and latest trends on 'wideband harmonic radars'. Can anyone please help me in this? Any links, tutorials, book suggestions etc. Please note I'm searching for wideband and not UWB . Thanks.
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    How to make DDS AD9854 output Phase-Coherent ?

    Dear all, I am new working with DDS AD9854 and was wondering if anyone can help me with a specific problem not directly solvable. My main aim is to generate a simple chirp signal which should be Phase-Coherent. The standard output is Phase-Continuous. Does anyone have any suggestions how to...
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    Looking for tutorials on Radar Ambiguity Function

    Radar Ambiguity Function Hello all, Can anyone please guide me to a good tutorial on 'Radar Ambiguity Function' ? Thanks in advance.
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    What do 'If-Else' statements synthesize to?

    I know that the switch case statements synthesize to Multiplexers. What do 'If-Else' or 'If-ElseIf' statements synthesize to? Thank you.
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    No. of I/O pins in Quartus II?

    I am new to Altera's Quartus II. Can Quartus II calculate the number of I/O pins given a VHDL code ? (I have been given a previous student's code so I don't know the I/O pins myself ) Thankx!!

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