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    Capture/Simulink SLPS interface: error with slpsblk

    Hi, I'm trying to use the SLPS interface with OrCAD 16.0 and Matlab 7.0 or R2012a (or any Matlab version). My OS is Windows 7 (64 bit, but Matlab 7 should be 32 bit). I created a very simple simulink mdl file with an SLPS block and I followed the slps user guide in ...\doc\slps\slpsug.pdf...
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    [Need article] Velocity-saturated characteristics of short-channel MOSFETs

    Velocity-saturated characteristics of short-channel MOSFETs (1984) G W Taylor AT&T Bell Labs Technological Journal vol. 63 no. 7 In my university they have vol. 63, but only 'til no. 6 :evil:
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    measuring input impedance of a RFID tag in ADS

    Input impedance I have to measure the input impedance variation (with frequency) of a RFID tag (a simple circuit) from the antenna's terminals (call them in1 and in2). How should I do this in ADS? I tried with a termination between the inputs and with a HB simulation, but I get weird results...
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    Voltage regulator architecture

    site:www.edaboard.com voltage regulator Hi to everybody. Could you suggest me the architecture of a voltage regulator for ICs in BiCMOS (it means I can use MOS transistors and npn BJTs - not pnp) technology? I guess it should be composed by a voltage/current reference and a LDO. Furthermore...
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    BSIM3 and lambda parameter

    bsim3 lambda How do I get the value of \[\lambda\] ( the channel length modulation parameter for MOSFETs), starting from a BSIM3 model? And what about \[N_A\], \[N_D\] (acceptors and donors concentrations) and the \[\gamma\] coefficient for the body effect? Is there a web reference with all of...
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    Editing subnetwork parameters in ADS

    ads subnetwork I'm designing an IC with MOS transistors in ADS. They have a bulk contact which must be connected to substrate to obtain realistic simulations. This is obtained by using a special element of the design kit called ptap (ntap for pMOS's). This way, every transistor needs a lot of...

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