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    Firmware for hardware software co design

    All, I am interested in hardware software core design. I am looking fir a firmware which has potential of converting to hardware co design. That is firmware should have a module that can be implemented in hardware to improve execution time. Are there any free resources where i can get some...
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    Please help in selecting a PIC

    Hello, I am looking forward for urgent replies for the following points. Please help me at your earliest convenience. 1. Are there any PIC Microcontrollers which have inbuilt Bluetooth support? 2. I need to convert 230V, 60Hz AC to 0-5V so that it can be fed into the micro controller...
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    STMicroelectronic's microcontroller programming

    Hello all, I need some good references for programming STMicroelctronics microcontrollers. Please note that I am a newbie. Thanks
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    Help urgent - continuously read serial port using Matlab

    Help urgent Hello all, There is a series of data coming to the serial port of my computer continuously. I need to read them. Separate them byte by byte, do some mathematical operation on them and represent results in a graph. Can some body kindly help me. I can read serial port using...
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    Problem with mikroC program written to capture a PWM signal

    Hello all, i have written a MikroC program to capture a PWM signal using pic16f877a's CCP module. The program which was simulated accurately in PICsimulator is attached here with. /*Calculate PWM using CCP modules */ //start timer after capturing rising edge. so no need of sustraction...
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    Displaying hexadecimal in hyperterminal

    Hello all, i have some short int variables, T3H and T3L. They are assigned to relavant values by pic16f877a. These values are sent to a PC using Uart. The program I have written in mikroC is compiled successfully. It was simulated well in PICsimulator. But when loaded to the pic and run...
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    UART simulation with pic simulator IDE

    Hello all, I am using PIC simulator IDE to simulate my assembly code written for pic16f877a with oscillator frequency 16MHz. I am sending data to UART. In my code i can adjust the delay between sequent transmission as follows. movf WH,0 movwf TXREG ;Transmit to PC call...
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    1s delay for 16MHz clock For pic16F877a

    1s delay for 16MHz clock Hello all, For pic16F877a I am using 16MHz oscillator. I need to have a delay of 1s. can some body tell me how to achieve this. Thank you.
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    Using CCP module of PIC16f877a to capture PWM

    Hello all, Am using a pic16f877a to capture the width and the time period of a PWM signal using its CCP module. The program can be done in Assembly. I need to move in to MikroC. Can some1 kindly help me in this regard. Thank you in advance. hoping a soon reply.
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    Help me solve a problem with MicroC bootlader

    Hi, I tried to install mickroelectronic boot loader given with the software. I think boot loader was successfully cownloaded into the MCU. But when I am using the IDE provided by the micrC to load my .hxe file in to the MCU, It gives the error message "Can not down load. Disconnected" Can...
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    Pic 16f877 Timer1 prescalar, what does it do??

    Hello all, An some one clearly explain what does timer1 prescalar do? According to the data sheet prescalars can be used by setting the T1CIN register. What I really wants to know the different I can achieve when am running without prescalar and when am using prescalar 1:4 etc
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    Program to detect PWM signals using CCP modules in Pic16f877

    Hi, I have written a program in Assembly, to capture PWM signals. The CCP modules of pic16f877 are used. The algorithm i followed was taken from "micro chip PicMicro CCP and ECCP Tips and tricks" It works well. compiled and simulated. But for certain values i.e. when the duty cycle of PWM...
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    capture module resolution pic16f877a

    Hello, According to the data sheet pic16f877 has two capture modules. It is mentioned (page 1 of the data sheet) that the maximum resolution of the capture module is 12.5ns. Can some 1 explain what is meant by this? Thank you.

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