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    Problem in Interfacing SIM900A

    No need of micro controller to test SIM900A, connect it to pc through DB9 and test it by AT commands.
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    Interface GSM and GPS both with 8051 using Tx & Rx

    you can also done this by using relay with some delay.
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    Need help with mt8870DE in myanmar

    check on this https://www.futurlec.com/Zarlink/MT8870DE.shtml just change the components value R1=10k R2=100k R3=330k C1=C2=0.1mf. crystal same as datasheet.
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    rs232 voltage levels calculation

    capacitor value is depends upon what max ic you used .. no capacitor needs for max233cpp ic .. check on this. https://www.petervis.com/electronics%20guides/MAX232/MAX232.html
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    [SOLVED] Soldering problems - pls help !!

    That is GP board (general purpose) PC prototype board.

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