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    Errors on simulating a wire-tapered helix antenna

    I can simulate a typical helix antenna without any problem (in CST MWS)... but i want to have a tapered-wire helix* , so when i taper the helix and simulate it , i encounter with these errors : in Integral eq. solver : terminated abnormally could not read mesh in Time domain solver ...
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    Design and simulation of helix fed reflector antenna in L-band - can anyone help?

    1) Best software for simulating it? 2) I simulate my designed structure with CST MWS (integral eq. solver) but the gain is very bad. For a dish of 120 cm the gain is less than 15-16 dB and I think this is very low. What mistake did make? feed is a 6-turn helix antenna.(freq. band 1.1-1.7 GHz)

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