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    How to read and write data at a time using spi protocol

    I have one doubt on spi protocol.How to read and write data through spi at a time.Is there any specified method is there for that.Actually we can read or write only one operation at a time.But how can i read and write both at a time instantaneously.
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    SMPS circuit for energy meter purpose.

    Hi I want smps which can give 5v and ampere rating of 2-4 Amps. I'm using this smps for energy metering purpose.Which gives power to digital energy meter. So give me the ckt with low cost ,and durable.
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    digital circuit for RS 485 TO RS 232 CONVERSION

    rs485 rs232 conversion Hi RS 485 protocol for serial interface purpose. But in our circuit i have only RS 232 compatible . I want conversion circuit for that.
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    linux drivers for dlink dwl-g520+ air plus card

    dwl-g520+ linux sir i want linux drivers for dlink dwl -g520+ wireless adapter please specify which company provides this software
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    AT91SAM9260 (ARM9 CORE )

    at91sam9260 core Sir please tell me ATMEL AT91SAM9260 (ARM9 CORE ) controller supported tools like 1.compilers 2.debuggers and 3.emulators and 4.rtos software and 5.suppliers for above tools.
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    ATMEL AT91SAM9260 microcontroller

    please tell me ATMEL AT91SAM9260 controller with core ARM926EJ-S™ ARM® Thumb® supported tools 1.what compilers supported for that ic 2.Debuggers and emulators supported for above ic 3.Real time operating systems (RTOS) supported for that ic 4.And supporters for above...

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