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    PIR D203S circuit op amp circuit doubt

    Hi all, I am planning to do a PIR motion sensor with D203S. I have gone through the application circuit they provided..I didn't get why they connected R4 and C4 to the inverting input of the first opamp. In my observation they have done transimpedance amplifier...can anybody tell the...
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    Battery monitoring circuit with PMOSFET

    hi all, I have a battery monitoring circuit with PMOS irlml6402 and a voltage divider circuit.I am trying to read the battery voltage with voltage divider. But MOSFET is not turning off when gate input in about 3.3V. Please give your valuable suggestions. I have attached the circuit. Thanks...
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    MQ2 and 3.3v controller adc

    hi all, I need to connect mq2 gas sensor with 3.3v microcontroller...but the sensor work in 5v ....I think I cannot use voltage divider at the output of the sensor because the RL is involved in the calculation of PPM.....Please give some suggestion to do the same... Thanks & Regards Lok
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    count pulse twice or thrice for one revolution-PIC

    Interrupt based counting is better. It is better to configure the controller for rising or falling edge triggering. And it is better to add an RC filter at the interrupt pin for eliminating any bouncing of signals Lok
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    timer2 asyncronous mode

    hi all, I am working with atmega256rfr2 and I stuck with some portion of the program which is like asynchronous operation of the chip....I have connected 32.768 crystal between tosc1 and tosc2 pin but its not works for me ..please give your suggestion to get out from this problem ... this...
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    MONOPOLE antenna (wire)

    HI, I have some zigbee module and we need to connect a wire antenna on it .......it has a 50 ohm impedance line in the pcb coming from a balun ...........i need to connect the antenna(wire type) at the edge of microstrip line(50 ohm @ 2.4Ghz)......how can i add a wire type antenna to...
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    RF power amplifier testing

    hi, what equipment are needed for testing the output power of RF power amplifier? and how to check radiated power of an antenna?? Regards, lok.
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    I connected 2w (120 ohm resistor) ...now the output is perfect.....And another question If the +ve side has more load and negative side has less then , there will be voltage difference right??
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    Actually my circuit is not connected to load...it is open...when I changed diode sb140 to UF4001..and secondary winding change to Quadfilar way...now voltage reduced to -6.5v...
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    One diode is connected backward direction( in the negative side) ...this is the circuit diagram....
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    I got -5v if one of the the secondary winding( where we taking feedback) is increased and other part is made no change...(7 turns in positive side and 4 turns in negative side).......how can I check the current is balanced or not??
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    Iam using SB140 shotkey diode and my maximum output current(both) is 500mA..
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    what would be the problem ..I have no experience in flyback converter design....please give me some guidance.... Regards, lok
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    I have done it but there is not much change; now Iam getting -6.8V...In the design they are recommended Triple Insulated wire but Iam using magnetic wire....And the primary inductance needed is 1mH and Iam getting 15mH..for reducing it I placed some paper pieces(air gap) between the cores(E20)...
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    I don't understand clearly what you are mentioned ....I need to join the two winding for virtual ground...I have to start the winding from 1st pin and finish at 2nd pin(virtual ground) and start the next winding from 2nd pin and finish it to the 3rd. If I twisted together winding direction may...
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    [SOLVED] multi-output flyback coverter output voltgae variation

    Hi all, I have a tny266 flyback converter with two output secondary (4 turns each)....I need to get +5v and -5v ....Here we are taking a feedback with an opto isolator only from +5v ..After building the whole circuit Iam getting +5v and -7v...what would be the problem ??...I turned the...
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    voltage sensig circuit for energy meter

    when I connect the phase to neutral with a resistance divider network the wave form seem to not a clear sine wave as I early connected to ground...Is the signal is like distorted??
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    voltage sensig circuit for energy meter

    Iam reffering this document - https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/evaluation-documentation/ADE7763EB.pdf In the voltage sensing section a Jumper (JP10) is connected to ground...Is that one is digital ground?
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    voltage sensig circuit for energy meter

    Hai all, Iam started to doing an energy meter with ade7763 .....In the application note of the ade7763; they recommend a circuit for voltage sensing...which is a resistor divider network; one end of the divider network is connected to live(phase) and the other is connected to ground/common..It...
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    Power factor of ceiling fan

    thanks for your reply....Actually Iam measuring the power factor including the fan regulator circuitry, that's why I doubt it.

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