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    practical current source circuits capable of generating positive and negative current

    Re: Current source If you want a practical circuit, check this out: Voltage Controlled Current Source from **broken link removed**
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    Design for USB current inrush control

    Re: USB inrush control I was designing a circuit that used USB and this was one of my problems. I wanted to somehow slow down the current inrush so PC wouldn't complain. I employed a circuit I found in **broken link removed** **broken link removed** under articles (USB In-rush current...
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    Looking for a EMC and EMI consultant

    Re: EMCéEMI COnsultant Hi, depending on the electronic design you want to do, there are different levels of EMC/EMI consultants. If you are in need of higher level EMC/EMI consultant, visit Astinco (**broken link removed**) Good luck

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