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    What are the benefits of a horn antenna array?

    Hey guys why would you use a horn antenna array, what are benifits? what is the differance betwee na pyramida lhor nand a conical why use a conical. Added after 30 minutes: would horn antenna be used to create spot beams
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    Question about feedhorn (LNB) of dss dish

    Hello guys I am trying to do work about horn antennas, so I took a lnb to a directtv dish rain cap off and found the horn antenna or feeder. I have two very important question about these I was hoping that someone can help: 1) why are there circle then another smaller circle and another...
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    horn antenna advantages/dis, applications, intro

    advantages of horn antenna Hello people do you know where I can find out some simple things that you cannot find in the antenna theory books. I need to know like: an introduction on horn antennas, why are they used, where, what is the advanteges of them, disadvantages. where why they used...
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    horn antenna examples please please

    Hey guys I am trying to understand horn antennas, Is there anyplace where I can find examples or worked out horn antenna examples, also like how to calculate radiation patterns and etc. please anyone I am dying here. thanks guys
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    method of moment to calculate current distribution

    Hey guys I am in a bind here, I am trying to calculate current distribution of an antenna using method of moments. Can someone please tell me where I can get a few worked out examples of this. Any examples of method of moments being used to calculate current on an natenna please anything I...
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    power engineering material

    Hey anyone know a good book or e-book on power engineering? anyhting please? thanks
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    horn antenna material

    Hey guys can someone please tel lme where to get al lthe material for a horn antennas?? any papers, good books, applications, website, presentations, thesis anything please?? I need ot do a presentaiton on horn antennas
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    ansoft designer tutorial

    ansoft designer+tutorial+transmission lines Hey I am i na bind here does anyone know where I can find a tutorial on ansoft designer on how to make a patch antenna fro mbasics please everythign I find is just transmission line stuff. Please anyone? thanks
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    guys I need patch antenna material

    Hey guys can someone tell me where I can find good material for patch antennas? anything presentations, books, papers somewhere online? Does anyone have a good example of one that was designed from scratch for specific purpose? thanks all
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    parabolica dish antenna presentation

    presentation antenna and parabolic dish I was hoping someone knew were I can find a power point presentation on parabolic (dish) antenna? Something that shows what it is how it works theory, etc. basically show people on that antenna. Anything would be great even a good paper, I already been to...
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    "L" shaped antenna?

    Can someone please help me I am trying to find out how t ocalculate the far fields of an "L" shaped antenna with ground plate near it. L shap antenna with ground plate underneath. I def need image theory behind this. Please some one know where I can get a worked out problem like this? thanks
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    antenna book needed with worked out problems

    Hello guys I am trying to understand antenna theory, was hoping someone would be able to point me to a boo kthat is very easy to understand, t oan engineer, basically somethign that has lots of problems solved. Can anyone point me to a bunch of antenna problems solved to better understand...
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    any material on parabolic dish antennas?

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    Looking for papers on mixers and microwave mixers

    can anyone please tel lme where I can get a report on mixers or microwavce mixers? I need liek a graduate report, or conference paper, thesis etc. on it something low end to read up on mixers please anyone, something would be very appreciated I need it asap thanks
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    finding s parameters for low pass filter

    Hi guys I have a microstrip low pass filter with all the dimentions , I need to find the s11 parameter can someone point me in the right direction, please? A website, example, e book, anything please??? the diagram is below, Thank you ====== =================== =...
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    simin block in simulink

    simin simulink Hey guys I have a matlab file below that uses mp3read to take a file and save it to mt then I am trying to use simin to take the audio file and use it in simulink as a file for modulation m(t), but I am having problems, can someone please help? In simulink for the simin...
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    Looking for specifications of AM radio station

    AM radio station I am having a problem I am trying to simulate an AM radio station in simulink but I am unable to find any material on specifications on radio stations. Little things like what frequency is the modulated signal at, amplitude(voltage) of the carrier and modulated signal, power...
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    Need help with pll design using simulink

    simulink pll Hi guys I need a really easy to understand good book or material on the web that can help me understand how phase lock loops works in detail. Also anyone know where I can find a pll design using simulink? I need to design it with smal lcompnents t oput o na fpga, thanks guys
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    Can I ask a stupid question about Microwave engineering?

    question collection of microwave engineering Hey guys I was wondering I was thinking here I kind of like electromagnetic waves from emag II okay. Now here is my questions is microwave engineering hard subject to understand? Like stuff liek microwave ocsillators and filters? is it very similar...
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    Need to design LPF in Matlab using Butter

    matlab butter I am trying to design a low pass filter using butter filter in matlab I am confussed how to od this. If my carrier Fc is 20000,( but can be changed if needed) and Fs is 44100 (MP3 file) what do I put in the matlab function below? Please help me I can not get htis please?? I need...

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