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    FPGA with CAN Controller problems

    Hi, FPGA is connected to a stand alone CAN controller (MCP2515) on board. Iam able to talk to MCP2515 and set up different modes like loopback mode and tested my FPGA to MCP2515 communication everthing looks fine. But when i cinfigure the MCP2515 as normal mode,MCP2515 is not responding to any...
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    CAN Controller to FPGA

    Hi, In my project, FPGA is connected to a stand alone CAN controller chip (MCP2515). I need to write a VHDL code for the FPGA inorder to Tx/Rx msgs from CAN chip. Can any of you guys suggest how to perform this task? I mean what are the main design units i need to build inside the FPGA? I want...

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