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    Why does sub-threshold leakage decrease in Vt?

    Hi, I have read in some articles that subthreshold leakage current is a major problem faced by designers in lower process nodes like 65nm and 45nm. I would like to understand the physics behind this phenomena.. Why does it increase with decrease in Vt? Can anyone give me an intuitive or...
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    How to express BGR accuracy in ppm?

    Hi, I would like to know how to get the BGR output accuracy interms of ppm/degreee Celcius. I think for a 1.2 V BGR, 1 ppm = 1.2 uV. If my total BGR output variation is 12 mV across the temperature range -40 to 125, then what will be my accuracy?
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    Folded cascode OTA - need help!

    Hi, I have tried to design a folded cascode. The schematic and AC response are attached with this mail. I have 2 questions: 1. The PhaseMargin is very poor. Can you help me to understand how to improve PM . Is it bcoz I havnt connected load cap (Cl)? 2. I am able to easily bias the...
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    Why BJT is used as diode?

    Hi, I have seen in many circuits that a BJT is used in place of a diode by shorting the base and collector. Is there any particular reason behind this? What are the problems faced by designers if a PN Jn. diode is used in place if diode connected transistor?
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    Help needed for basic opamp design

    Hi, I am starting to learn analog IC design with opamp design. I am trying out with a pmos input pair diffamp. The schematic and AC responses are attached with this mail. My target specs are : Supply - 1.8 V Gain - 60 dB SR - 5 V/us Load cap - 1 pF GBW - 5 MHz Process - 45nm (Cant use L greater...

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