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    Program in C to read data from a serial port.

    go here: http://www.lvr.com/serport.htm, search there,you will find a sample code which write to and read from serial port. It is very easy. I have used it but Unfortunately I don't know where it is now. if you have problem using it contact me.
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    Programing JAVA (My only 8 points)

    java is developed by Sun Co. so to start learning java visit here: https://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/ here you can find what is java technology and learn some basic java programming.
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    Functions for USB in C#

    Functions for USB your certainly will find this web very useful: http://www.lvr.com/ there, you can find every thing about computer ports (USB, parallel, Serial) including books and codes His books was free as i remember, if you could not find it let me know to upload it here. I should...
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    building C and C++ in one project (Visual C++ 6.0)

    regarding problem with C and C++ I can not realize why you could not compile them together. but you may find this helpful: convert file written in c++ to a dll file and load it in those c files and used it. regarding MATLAB and C++, you can write a function in matlab and use COM to create a COM...
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    automatically login: javascript

    I have asked this question in Network section but no reply was sent. So I decided to ask it here that may some javascript programmer see this: The question is how to submit a form (especially username/password forms) when the web has used javascript. In simple HTML programming you can send the...
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    Tutorial for learning TCL programming

    TCL e-book Dear all any one is interested in learning TCL programming? there is a very usefull tutorial on the web at : http://invece.org/tclwise/ it is free enjoy!
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    How important is the Pointer and when to use it ? (C)

    C Pointer to understand importance of pointers let me get an example. as you know in C programming each function could return only a value at each time: return value if u have a function which should affect two or more varible of you what can you do? pointers make the programming so easy when...
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    Difference between .net and Windows

    .net vs windows .Net as could solve its slowing property with not compiling and handle all of its DLL and associated files it needs. as running an aplication written in .Net and it has several DLL files to load it doesn't load all of them except once it needs it. Best Regards
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    How to use DirectX for C# in a PC ?

    DirectX i have found my question..let me explain it for others: first go to following link: https://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=592393a7-c677-4023-8b27-94e61141e9c6&displaylang=en then setup it. this will setup Directx 9.0 for c# in your pc.after that add reference in C#...
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    How to use DirectX for C# in a PC ?

    DirectX Hi one ofthe easiest way to have an access with PC hardwares in windows is using DirectX. but i don't know how use it.my used languge is c# and my book said to me write:using Microsoft.DirectX but it doesn't work and compiler get error not any namespace related is exist... anybody can...
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    What is an ISA and PCI and why are they used?

    ISA and PCI Hi is there anybody who can explain me what is ISA and why it is used? and is PCI sth like ISA but improved it or not? :?: Thanks Best Regards!
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    publishing web applications

    Hi I want to have a site over internet for our small company and for that i design a web by ASP.NET with C# as behind languge on my computer (localhost) and now i want to publish it on the server that i choose...but don't know what to do....is there any body help me :(
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    which softwares are better that wreite interface of TCP/IP

    why don't u use .NET? I am a new user of C# and like you want to write TCP/IP interface and for that found C# very useful...very nice and easy to use.
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    C programing & directory

    Of course i use .NET;and i am new in programming with them.you know i read about File/DirectoryInfo and also TreeView. I can programming them seprately but cannot relate them to each other if you have an idea let me know. THX
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    C programing & directory

    Hi I want to make a Directory Hirarchy (such as we have seen when we click browse button) in VC++ or C# but i don't know what to do. i know it is related to treeview but how can i tell computer to use my PC information for tree nodes.Is there anybody who can help me?

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