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    loss tangent of materials

    Body tissue https://transition.fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety/dielectric.html
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    time varying electric field

    low frequency limit electric fields and magnetic fields are decoupled.
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    How does HFSS calculate Z Parameters?

    Please check how HFSS calculate the S-parameter. As far as I remember, HFSS computes the S-parameter and the other parameters like Z and Y are converted from the S-parameter. Therefore I guess hfss does not do any calculations mentioned above.
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    [SOLVED] Scattering matrix cascading : simple case with Ansoft Designer & HFSS

    The definition of the scattering parameters in HFSS and Designer is common, not so special.
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    "Simulation completed with execution error on server" in HFSS

    The maximum size of the solvable problem depends on whether you are using the first order elements or zeroth oder. I guess the problem is you are using 32bit-windows.
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    Question regarding 4NEC2 simulation.

    9 segments are not enough. Please increase the number of segments to improve the accuracy. Up to 1000 segments, the simulation time is not going to be a major problem.
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    how to get antenna tool box for matlab

    I recommend a book. **broken link removed**
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    Amotech GPS antenna implementation problem in FEKO

    I want to have a look at the feko file you have created.
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    Transmission line modeling using 1D FEM

    Please let us know whether you want to model it in the frequency domain or time domain? It is easier to apply the finite difference method.
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    Infinite dielectric layer-PML (HFSS)

    Please show me the cross section of your port. What happens if you define a lumped port? What is the frequency?
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    Antenna simulation software in Linux

    What about feko or WIPL-D? MoM will do better than FEM.
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    (HFSS)sign of Dielectric Loss Tangent??

    Usually, loss tangent delta is expressed in positive but it means the negative part of the imaginary part of complex permittivity.
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    hfss_Driven terminal or Driven Modal

    It depends on what kind of mode you are transmitting. If you are considering the TEM mode only, "driven terminal" is easier.
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    Maxwell 14 - Simple 2D Electrostatic Problem - What's wrong with the field plot?

    I do not understand what is wrong with the electric field you obtained.
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    how to design vivaldi antenna?

    I have never heard of the formula. Please let me know if there is.
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    HFSS Why radiation pattern and gain don't changing due to passes?

    Please have a look at the setting of your plot? Isn't the pass fixed at any value?
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    How to find resonance frequency and boundary condition using FDTD method?

    If you have a look at the transfer matrix like S12, you will see a peak at a certain frequency. That is the resonant frequency. The boundary condition depends on what you are solving. You have three options, 1) perfect electric wall,2) perfect magnetic wall, 3) absorbing boundary condition...
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    FDTD calculation for Sin(wt)

    If you define a source with sin(wt), you have to simulate for some periods and wait until it converges. You can obtain the harmonic fields by taking the fft of the latter part (more than a period after convergence).
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    particle swam optimization

    I initialized with all zeros and it worked out. I guess it does not affect the optimal but the converging speed depending on the problem.
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    HFSS Model, Please help with checking visualization

    Why dont you make a sheet and apply an impedance boundary condition on that plane?

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