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    Non-electrical pins in PADS Layout

    How do I specify a pin on a PCB footrint as being non-electrical? I have a schematic that shows a particular part with two pins. The corresponding PWB footprint has 3 pins, but one of them is a nonplated hole which accepts an alignment peg on the part. When I import a netlist into the layout...
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    Out of date shapes prventing artwork generation

    I have a show stopper of a problem with Allegro PCB v15.5. When I go to generate artwork files, it can't do it and complains that there are "Dynamic Shapes Out of Date". It gives me the option of "Updating" the out of date shapes, and when I click on the "Update to Smooth" button, the log...
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    Dropping down vias in Allegro 15.5

    Does anyone know how to drop down vias anywhere in a shape so that it connects all dynamic shapes of that net together on all layers? I suppose I could run a track around and double click wherever I want a via, but I just thought there might be a better way. My second question is: Do I have...
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    Doing ripup on a trace in Allegro

    I am new to Allegro and this very simple thing is frustrating me. I can't seem to find a way to do a simple thing like rip up a trace. Could someone tell me how to do this very simple thing? Using Allegro PCB Editor v15.5 Thanks, - Leonard
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    Zooming with intertool communication (cross probing)

    crossprobing When I select something in an OrCAD Capture schematic it always zooms right in on the part in Allegro PCB layout when I have "intertool communication" turned on. I like the intertool communication (cross probing) but I want it to stop zooming in on the selected part in the...
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    Silkscreen linewidth in Allegro footprints (symbols)

    allegro symbol I have a bunch of symbols with "zero" silkscreen linewidth in Allegro. I see no way to change this linewidth globally in the layout, and I see now way to change this linewidth while editing an individual footprint (symbol). I dread having to re-draw all the silkscreen for many...

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