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  1. ck84

    Looking for Marvell 88W8686 documentation

    I need the data sheet or any documentation related to configuring and programming the 88W8686. Can anyone please help? I will greatly appreciate your effort.
  2. ck84

    Which 802.11 radio can be controlled by SPI?

    802.11 spi Hi everyone, I am working on a project in which I need to buy an 802.11 a or g radio that can be configured and controlled completely by SPI (serial peripheral interface). Do you have any suggestions for me? It has to be a radio (MAC and PHY only, no TCP/IP stack on top). I...
  3. ck84

    Need on robotic toolbox in matlab

    I wonder if anyone has examples of how to use the robotic tool in matlab. I already read the pdf tutorial but still confused. So please give some matlab files that you have done using the robotic toolbox so that I can look at and learn. Thank you very much.
  4. ck84

    Hints for building USB battery charger for iPod

    Hello everybody, I am trying to build a USB battery charger for my iPOD shuffle. Can anybody give me a hint? I will greatly appreciate your help.
  5. ck84

    Permeability measurement help requested

    Does anybody have experience in measuring either permeability ,permitivity or index of refraction of negative index of refraction metamaterial using HFSS? Thanks ahead.
  6. ck84

    How to measure permeability at THz using HFSS?

    I was trying to redo a simulation that I read in a article. It is about measuring permeability of a metamaterial. I have finished the model same as the sample D1 described in the article using HFSS 10. But I don't know how to set up the excitation and boundary, and how to measure the...

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