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    LCR Meter : Need Reviews for Agilent Tech U1733C

    HI I was planning to buy a LCR Meter. I came across Agilent U1733C. Any suggestions if I should go with this one? Or any other better options with similar cost? Here is the link...
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    Variable output voltage using a Boost Converter and SMPS

    HI All I'm having a 600W 12V SMPS. I was wondering if its possible to have a variable output voltage using the same SMPS. Say I have my minimum output voltage requirement is 12V and it should Vary till 24V. I thought of Cascading a Boost Converter to the output of the SMPS. The Specs that I...
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    High Speed Counting Project (Using CIS sensor, FPGA, and image processing)

    Hi All Recently I was discussing with my friend about an issue that he was having in his company. He needs a very high speed counting system. So I suggested him to go for CIS sensor and FPGA. Do some Image processing and do the counting. After some more discussion, I myself took up the...
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    [Moved] And Gate for 24v DC signals

    HI I was working on a project where all the signals are at 24v and I needed to do an AND operation. So I was wondering if there are any from the shelf ICs which operate at this voltage. And if they exist how feasible is it to procure them
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    how to test High frequency transformer

    Hi Today I finished winding my ferrite core transformer. Now I was wondering how to test it, if its working properly or not. My primary turns are 26 and secondary turns are 3. I intend to step down 200v dc to 23 V. I'm using full bridge topology and operating at 200khz. I thought of test it...
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    How to calculate maximum power output of a ferrite core?

    Hi I recently received a ferrite core with following specifications : ETD44 , 3c90 (material) Now I want to know how much power can I transfer using this core. On doing a bit of googling I found this https://www.ferroxcube.com/prod/assets/sfappl.pdf which provides a beautiful table to list the...
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    Designing a power supply(2KW) for a impulse heat sealer

    Hello All I was working on a project, where I needed to seal a plastic using impulse heating. While doing my calculations, I found that I need a power supply of atleast 1.5kW. So I thought of making a power supply of 2kW, so that if at later stage my power requirements are increased, I wont have...

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