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    why should i use getchar() function to make it work? [C++]

    Hi everyone! i started to learn C++. i'm totally newbie :D i'm using Dev C++ compiler. i tried to run some simple examples from tutorials, like this: #include <iostream> using namespace std; void main () { cout << “Hello, World!\n”; } Or this: #include <iostream> using namespace std...
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    [help] current sensing circuit for bldc motor driver

    hi i wanna make current sensing circuit for my 24 V bldc motor driver. i wanna use high side current shunt measurements as AN894 mentioned, but still confused about calculating the components value (Rsense, R1 and R2 for the op amp). this is my power inverter circuit anyone help please..
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    how to soften bldc motor start up

    hi.. i'm still working on my sensored bldc motor driver. i need a solution to make my bldc motor start up softer. i'm using open loop speed control method. and one more problem is at above 50% duty cycle no start up failure occur, but at below 50% duty cycle the bldc motor start up often failed...
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    High PWM Low ON scheme

    hi everyone... i need sources which describe in detail about pwm scheme for bldc motor control, especially High PWM Low ON scheme. Have been looking for it for long time.. anyone?? regards
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    [help] bldc motor couldn't start rotating without first trigger

    hi, i'm trying to build 3 phases bldc motor driver (24 V). i'm using 3 hall sensors (separated 120 degrees each other) for rotor position detecting. But the motor almost always doesn't start rotating without triggered by hand first. only in few times it can start rotate without hand trigger...
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    [help] signal conditioning circuit for hall sensor output

    hi! i have 3 phases bldc motor with 3 hall effect sensors inside, for sensing the rotor position. here is the output signal from the hall effect sensors: 0 v is detected when the sensors detecting one pole of the rotor magnet and random signal is detected when the sensors detecting another...
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    how to measure bldc motor winding resistance?

    i have 3 phase bldc motor. i want to know its winding resistance. but i don't know how to measure it. help please? regards
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    power inverter output signal (help)

    hi, i'm working on my power inverter for bldc motor driver. the circuit is like in this thread: i'm using N channel MOSFET for high side, so the output should be like this: but my power inverter signal is like this: channel 1 is low side drive signal (0-5 v) channel 2 is highside drive...
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    IR2110 test for driving mosfet

    hi, i'm gonna use ir2110 for driving my bldc h-bridge. so for testing, i connected it with mosfet like this: i fed the Lin pin with 60Hz noninverting PWM signal, and 60Hz inverting PWM signal for Hin pin. for bootstrap capacitor, i use 0.1uF ceramic and 47uF electrolytic in parallel. but...
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    How to determine the voltage supply value for Vss pin?

    i'm gonna use IR2110 IC to drive my H-bridge for my 24 V BLDC motor driver. but i dont understand about using Vss pin. how to determine the voltage supply value for Vss pin? anyone can help?
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    mosfet and mosfet gate driver for bldc motor driver bridge

    i wanna build 3 phase bldc motor driver this is the motor spec: Voltage : 24 VDC rated input current : 2.1 A maximum input current : 3.5 A Rated Speed : 2500 rpm i'm going to use mosfet and mosfet gate driver ic (low side - high side driver) for...
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    sensored BLDC Motor input signal

    hi everyone... I have a 3-phase BLDC motor (24 V) with its dedicated driver. but i wanna make my own driver for the motor. it is sensored bldc motor. I have read some application notes and other kind of sources about controlling sensored BLDC motor and found that it is controled by 6...

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