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    PCB Design good practices

    Thank you very much for all the helpful suggestions ! I im talking with my manufacturer to get things in order.
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    PCB Design good practices

    @mt weig, I am not transmitting a lot of current, all under 100mA on 8 mil mil traces, would i need multiple via's for that? @tpetar I will be looking around for fab houses that offer xray inspection, is it an expensive process? - - - Updated - - - @mt weig, I am not transmitting a lot...
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    PCB Design good practices

    Thanks ! will go through the material posted on the mentioned thread, but it seems its all about PCB design, is there anything similar for PCB manufacturing and mass production?
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    PCB Design good practices

    Hi all, I am designing a circuit board for a batch of 10000 boards, I have a few questions about good practices in PCB design, mostly pertaining to reliability and manufacturability. It would be really helpful if you could give me advice or direct me to any resources . The first 3 are related...

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