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    X-band ,parabolic antenna feed design

    I want to design a feed for a parabolic reflector antenna, it is for a X-band frequency. i am trying to use GRASP 9.3 student edition. Is this software enough to design the feed ?
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    how to test a parabolic antenna

    hi i want to test a parabolic antenna (X-band 9410 MHz) ...... i know there are some software's like HFSS and FEKO but i am a newbie in this area ..can you please tell any easy way to test my antenna thank you
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    Question about antennas

    hi.. i doing a project in which i am thinking of replacing typical open array antenna with a parabolic antenna. can i do that?....if yes can anyone tell me were to start..?..thank you
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    where can i find this or buy this.. ?

    hi... i am a research student. i am doing my project in radars. could please help me find this antenna ... parabolic dish ( 61 cm, 4 degree beamwidth and 9 GHz, X-band radar).. thanks in advance.

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