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    pulse width modulation application program for ARM board

    Hi every one, I need pulse width modulation application program for LPC2929 processor.
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    We want information about QVGA TFT LCD

    Urgently We required QVGA TFT LCD to my project, this LCD like as MCB 2929 board LCD, this lcd size320x240, we tried so many places for this LCD, can any body suggest me where it is available.
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    CAN Controller transmitting program for LPC2929 controller

    Can any body help me CAN controller interfacing program with LPC2929 controller?
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    Problem with SPI interface

    Let us know which IC is used for master(Master should send the data accurately), you already used microcontroller as slave so in this case you need to use another micro controller as Master.
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    about nested interrupts!

    yes 8051 supports to nested interrupts
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    help me to find simcom sim908 pinouts

    Try this one.
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    lpc2148 -host controller

    yes, LPC 2148 can support for the external host controller USB,instead of LPC2148 u can try LPC 1768,lpc 299, lpc xxxx.
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    [SOLVED] RC 5 protocol transmitter and receiver using pic 16f877a

    Better thing instead of RC-5 you can place RJ-9 connector If both pinouts same.
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    Proteus Libaries for FT232 ?????

    Try in ALTIUM also, altium library havigng FTDI (FT232,Ft485..etc) chips footprints.
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    [SOLVED] RC 5 protocol transmitter and receiver using pic 16f877a

    these two PIC'S are in single board or two boards? if these two pics having seperated boards means we can use RJ-9 connector for tranmistting data from one board to other board
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    altium design about image in schematic and pcb

    what type of image, means is it LOGO or other image?

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