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    Agilent ADS 2011 antenna design video(Urdu language)

    For beginers Here you go! If someone is interested i would make an english version of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEf1sxDhv6o
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    replacing distributed with lumped

    dear friends i was designing a matching network in which i designed a open stub of value 185 ohm with 84 degree length. now the problem is we could only fabricate up to like 65 ohm. i have been told to convert it to lumped component. when i placed its equivalent lumped element i achieve a very...
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    rat race coupler unsymmetric outupts

    dear friends i connected my two antennas to the rat race coupler. one to sum port and other to delta port .. when i analyzed input reflection at input port A and input port B, it seems from results that one port is wideband port and other is narrow band port does some one have the idea why is...
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    measuring S paramters between two componenets in ADS

    dear friends i have connected my coupler with the antenna. so both the input side are terminated in 50 ohm. the only thing i can measure is s11 s22 and s12 and s21. is there any way i could measure the forward transmission or the s parameters on the other side of the coupler, the ports of...
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    variable gain amplifier

    can one provide some literature regarding variable gain amplifier. or simple shematic on how would we achieve variable gain.
  6. K

    converting lumped capacitor into distributed capacitor

    dear friends i simulated a 12 pF lumped capacitor in ADS at 900 MHz connected in series and now i want to convert this capacitor to distributed one, i mean to implement this using microstrip line. does anyone know how to do it...i read some literature regarding interdigital capaictor but still...
  7. K

    Momentum vs FEM simulation

    dear friends there are two options in ADS momentum and FEM for simulation i am working on an antenna that runs from 700 MHz to 3 GHz. which simulation give the realistic results.....
  8. K

    antenna connected to coupler

    dear friends i have connected two antenna to my hybrid coupelr one of the port is terminated and the other is the input im thinking how would i measure s21 or s31....forward transmissions..... i can measure s41 the isolation and s11 the input reflection but how the forward transmisson
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    3D antenna design in ADS

    dear friends i have ADS 2009 update 1 installed on my system. i want to make a 3D antenna. this version contains EMDS for 3D simulation but what si parameters really define a 3D antenna. i mean so i just have to increase the thickness of the copper to make it 3D. i dont have any idea of making...
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    wideband impedance mathching

    does anyone have information, book or any relevant material on how wide band mathcing is done. in current literature we only find matching at single frequencies and currently all systems are working on wideband....so how is matching achieved at a wide range of frequencies.... could some one...
  11. K

    high self resonance frequency of capacitor

    can any one give me a vendor or spec sheet of a capacitor whose self resonating frequency is above 4 GHz.
  12. K

    bandwidth ofa quater wave microstrip

    could any one tell me whats the bandwidth of a quater wave and half wave transmission line. how the bandwidth of microstrip lines are great than the lumped components
  13. K

    pcb trace thinner than SMA pin connector

    my sma connectro pin is 0.7 mm and my trace width is 0.4. does any one have an idea how much siganl will i loose. and how can i eliminate this mismatch.
  14. K

    RF CMOS switch spice model?

    does any body know some vendor from which i can get a spice model for a wideband RF CMOS switch
  15. K

    RF signal from drain to source

    hello friends can i pass and stop an RF signal from drain to source by just make gate on and off.
  16. K

    wideband matching technique

    can any one suggest me a matching network that could be connected to antenna to be able to match it for 800 MHz to 3 GHz. the size is the biggest issue for me. i need to fit it in a very small space for instance 80mm by 60 mm
  17. K

    transistor as a swithch

    i want to used a transistor as a switch to on and off a capaictor. what should i be considering. the source is connected to power supply. the emmitter is connected to capacitor and the capacitor other end is connected to the ground.
  18. K

    transistor switch with no ground

    the circuit that needs to be switched (I'll call it circuit "A") It is in between two pins of a larger circuit, so the "negative" pin (following current flow from pos. to neg. ) , is *not* grounded -- it goes back into the circuit. how can i use transistor in it to switch it on and off. i cant...
  19. K

    Guys i really need ur help on tunable hybrid couplers

    dear friends i am working on this paper published in IEEE [A Varactor Tuned Branch-Line Hybrid Coupler]. In the ads simulation i used only simple capacitors instead of varactor diode for tuning the hybrid. i made up the hybrid coupler using ideal transmission lines working on 2 GHz. when i put...
  20. K

    tuning the hybrid coupler

    im designing a hybrid coupler at 3 GHz. i have used capacitors to tune the electrical length of the coupler to operate at 1 GHz but it transmission loss increases significatenly when it comes to 1 GHz. does anyone knows the reason why is it doing this.

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