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  1. AlienCircuits

    Transformer spec parameter - what is working voltage?

    Is this the voltage that can exist across a single winding of the transformer, where it would be dependent on the lacquer or winding insulation? This is different than isolation voltage between primary and secondary windings.
  2. AlienCircuits

    H-Bridge Design for a piezo ultrasonic transducer

    I would like to understand the flaws to my approach in the schematic. In a SPICE simulation, I simplified the ultrasonic transducer with a 2nF capacitor model. The USTX Bridge signals will have deadtime between switches. I notice losses in the simulator which is why I have come here to...
  3. AlienCircuits

    Flyback Lm value in CRM/BCM design

    I would like to use an offline PFC flyback controller that operates in critical/boundary conduction mode. http://cds.linear.com/docs/en/datasheet/3748fa.pdf I am stuck in trying to figure out what my magnetizing inductance Lm for my flyback transformer should be! The datasheet only recommends...
  4. AlienCircuits

    PFC with a CCM controller but low power

    My questions are 1. A CCM operation implies constant current draw. So how can a CCM PFC work when there is no load? What about for very low loads where it forces the inductor to have discontinuous current in it? 2. How does this impact my PFC boost inductor selection? Should I need a...
  5. AlienCircuits

    Choke Inductors in SMPS

    Hello, be prepared for a lot of naive questions. I'd like to use a "choke" inductor as my conversion inductor (as opposed to EMI filter) in a boost PFC design. I've never made a boost PFC converter before, so I am unsure if I'm making the right choice with this inductor. My PFC will take...
  6. AlienCircuits

    Can I use a flyback transformer in a forward topology?

    This is possibly a stupid question, but is it possible to use a flyback transformer as a forward converter transformer? It seems like a reset winding is an optional method for resetting the core for forward converters, so could I use a flyback and reset the core a different way and be fine with...
  7. AlienCircuits

    power supply isolation options

    Hello, I would like to design my first PFC bus power supply, and I am finding it difficult to pick the right topology to work with this approach while still having isolation. It seems like most of the PFC pre regulators that I've seen online are not isolated. I think they might be isolated...
  8. AlienCircuits

    Understanding critical conduction mode converters

    What is critical conduction mode? All of the stuff I find online assumes that the reader already knows about it, and my book Fundamentals of Power Electronics doesn't say anything on it. Is this related to resonant converters (ZVS)?
  9. AlienCircuits

    Schematic symbols for solder points and edge connectors

    What would be the standard ref designator and symbol for: A) A pad on the board that you just want to solder a wire to B) An edge with copper fingers that insert into another board's slot If there is not a standard, is there anyone with experience putting these onto a schematic?
  10. AlienCircuits

    Fuse rating part number interpretation

    I know that part markings are a bad way to find the specs for components, but google search is not showing anything for this fuse. Its labeled "LF.5A/250VP" Is this definitely 0.5A fuse rating? The reason I ask is because the device is running at about .5A continuously in operation, and so...
  11. AlienCircuits

    Anyone know of an analog version of a sliding correlator/covariance circuit?

    I would like to have a circuit with an output that tells me if two voltages are correlated. I smashed my head for several days and the closest thing I can think of is to choose a frequency spectrum that only the two signals share and then use high pass filters to find when the two signal's...
  12. AlienCircuits

    Phase margin of an already inverted system

    I am designing a feedback system, and I frequently see that phase margin is computed as the cross over frequency phase + 180 degrees, which tells me how far I am from -180 degrees at the cross over frequency, and so it tells me how close I am to the point that I've completely inverted my control...
  13. AlienCircuits

    Clean voltage reference

    I am using a voltage reference part, and I would like to make this voltage as noiseless and temperature stable as possible. I guess my questions are general, but, if it helps, the specific reference part that I've chosen is LM285LPR-2-5 https://www.mouser.com/ds/2/405/slvs023j-206162.pdf . I...
  14. AlienCircuits

    Is this a useless resistor?

    I have a real circuit that someone designed, and I am curious about why there is a resistor of 10k included in the feedback path. The circuit basically takes a voltage and buffers it to be measured by a DMM or oscilloscope, and so the load represents the input impedance of a probe. When I...
  15. AlienCircuits

    mV ripple on a HIGH voltage power supply

    Hello, I wrote a long explanation of what I'm doing and trying to figure out, but I'll just get the question out: If I'm regulating a high voltage at about 800V and need to sense the output for my feedback loop and it needs to be divided down to ~1.25V (factor of .00156), how do I hope to...
  16. AlienCircuits

    Discrete MOSFET bias using datasheet

    Hello, After careful review of my book Sedra and Smith, I see that in almost all of his designs he references the process parameters K = k'n*(W/L) which has units of mA/V^2. My problem now (as it was when I first studied it) is that there is a disconnect between what this book teaches and what...
  17. AlienCircuits

    [SOLVED] Why doesn't this simple circuit work in simulation?

    I expect the switch to turn on and conduct when Vgs = 15V, which is the pulse I'm sending to the gate. However, the switch seems to always be off.
  18. AlienCircuits

    Series pass regulator design question

    I was designing a buck regulator, and thanks to some experienced people here they led me to a better path of trying to design a series pass linear regulator instead. I have found a lot of resources online, like PhD thesis and lecture slides that are really helpful, but none of them go into...
  19. AlienCircuits

    [SOLVED] Looking for this analog design book:

    I found this old thread with an image of a book. Does anyone recognize what book this is from?: https://images.elektroda.net/4_1200125223.jpg from this thread: https://www.edaboard.com/threads/114934/ That book looks well written and has real examples. I was hoping I could check it out if...
  20. AlienCircuits

    How to understand switching frequency

    How to understand switching frequency in IGBT spec So, I am looking at this datasheet: **broken link removed** , and I want to answer a simple question: what frequency can I switch this at? My problem is that the datasheet doesn't tell me this directly. I know that it depends on a lot of...

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