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    Measuring the iductance of the coil

    I am designing an RLC circuit and making a transformer. I would like to measure the voltage and current across inductance. Instrument which is used for measuring inductance are Network analyzer, Q meter Any other idea apart from two apparatus. Thanks vijay
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    Why High frequency rfid is more used in medical appliaction.

    Any one can help me reagarding HF RFID and only 13.56MHz widely use. If any one provide links that would be great :?:
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    atMega128 & TRF7960 cannot read ISO14443A tag

    trf7960 msp430 help hello, Its not the answer to the question. I think you may answer this question how to find the scanner power of iso14443A iso15673 other. is there any tool to measure.? It sounds simple to u but its big for me.:D
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    ISO 15693 13.56MHz RF Identification

    13.56 mhz sensor design with rf tag Hi epa, i am not solving your question but i am asking you a question. How to find the internal architecture of ISO 15693 TAG OR SENSOR. HOW ITS DESIGN HAVE YOU GOT ANY IDEA OR WEB LINK CAN YOU EMAIL TO vijbele20027004@gmail.com
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    Rsk100 evaluation kit for high frequency rfid..

    Hi all, I am using Rsk100 evaluation kit for high frequency rfid board. I want to write and edit the command on the board its allowing for ISO 14443 BUT NOT for ISO 15693. i am using the read me software which is given. if any one worked or any idea. I hope they can help me.
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    13.56MHz Rfid 100rsk evaluation kit it has TRH031M

    trh031m I want to find out some information on rfid reader ic TRH031M. Its has the antenna. It for the project, I am interested in find the antennas power and other. Mainly i want to buy a spectrum analyzer.

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