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    Quesrion about Thyristor Towers

    A valve hall is a building which contains the valves of the static inverters of a HVDC plant. The valves consist of thyristors, or at older plants, mercury arc rectifiers. Mercury arc rectifiers are usually supported by insulators mounted on the floor, while thyristor valves may be either...
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    what is the equivalent of BAY61 diode?

    help me plz i need to use this type of diode to design a circuit that uses to trigger two thyristors this is done by connecting a special circuit to TCA785 IC
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    what is the equivalent of BAY61 diode?

    help me plz Dear all, what is the equivalent of BAY61 diode? can i use 1N4007 instead of it? thanks all.
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    TCA785 3 phase Controlled Rectifier design PIN 8 - Vref

    Thanks Mr. nashwan, i have a datasheet of IC TCA785, and there is a circuit which uses to trigger thyristors but it seems complicated a little bit, now do u have a simple circuit that uses to trigger thyristors? if yes plz upload it to us. thanks for your help
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    Help me please to design this circuit

    hi all, I'm trying to design a circuit of three phase controlled rectifier, now i need a circuit to trigger thyristors and this circuit should be variable, i mean with variable that α angle should be adjustable for all thyristors at the same time and α angle can be varied using a potentiometer...
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    Help me plz, i need your great knowledge

    Dear all, i have an electronic controlling cards which have a defect somewhere in it, i have checked all analogue components such as (diodes, transistors, resistors .... etc), but there is no error found, now I want to check the ICs that is located at this card, how can i do that???? the types...
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    Please help me (Inverter Question)

    Thanks Audioguru, but the question NOW why the capacitor draws a high momentary current, is there any mathematical explaination which descrices that? very thatnks to you.
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    Please help me (Inverter Question)

    Sorry, the inverter is voltage source inverter type, i saw in Rashid book, The VSI generates an ac output voltage waveform composed of discrete values (high dv=dt); therefore, the load should be inductive at the harmonic frequencies in order to produce a smooth current waveform. A capacitive...
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    Please help me (Inverter Question)

    Hi all, I'm sorry if i cause any inconveviences to anyone, i have a question but i don't have an exact answer, the question is "Why the capacitor cannot be connected to the load of the inverter?", i tried to get an answer, does that relates to the charge of the capacitor :?: , i mean by that...
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    Ideas for school project in power electronics

    power electronics I think there are many projects you can choose it : 1. Single Phase inverter or Three Phase inverter. 2. Controlling of DC motor. 3. DC Link Chopper. 4. Inverter with Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation.
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    Why a coulomb has 6.24 × 10^18 electrons ?

    The charge of electron is constant and equal to (1q=1.6021910×10^-19 C), so to find the coulomb we must divide on the charge of electron so (1C=1q/(1.6021910×10^-19)) and this equal to (1C=6.24145311^18 q).
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    P=vI need some explanation

    Nirvaan, the effeciency is defined as η=(Output Power)/(Input Power), Where : η is the efficiency of the system. so the system can be considered more efficient when the output power increases, so in the first case : V=4V, R=2Ω , this yields to I=V/R=4/2=2A and the output power is equal to ...
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    Electronic Workbench Question

    google electronic workbench manual Hello all, I have a problem in using Multisim Electronic Workbench, how can i trigger thyristors, Triacs and IGBTs , please if any one can upload a file of multisim Less than version 10 that explain how previous mentioned devices triggering, thank you, Yousef...
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    Please Help me in MATLAB Simulink Program

    I have a problem in my MATLAB program, it is about three phase inverter with induction motor load with sinusoidal wave pulse width modulation which will be applied to the gate of the thyristors bridge. please help me in my question, the problem is when i connect the induction motor the MATLAB...
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    ac voltage regulation

    voltage regulation = (no load voltage - full load voltage) / full load voltage
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    Explain me what is clock grouping

    clock grouping if you mean with clock grouping in transformers that is the same of connection groups (Y-Y-0 , Y-Y-4, Y-Y-8) and thats are the same for delta if you want more information about this topic, please write here to me.
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    What are the functions of transistors?

    transistors the main function of transistor as an amplifier , this be clear when you applied ac vlotage as an input of transistor . To get this be clear pls refer to "Electronice Devices and Circuit Theory" for "Boylestad" in chapter 5.
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    Please Translate My Transformer Diagram To Real-Life

    This transformer is Autotransformer which uses to incease the efficiency than power transformer the mid terminal is used to increase output power , if u want to be more about Autotransformer write to me here then i will put all thing about autotransformer here.

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