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    Experimental verification of reflection phase curve for reflectarray

    Hi, I found out that most of the reflection phase curves shown in IEEE papers on reflectarrays are not experimentally verify and most of the authors only measured their reflectarray radiation patterns but not the reflection phase curve. Why so many researchers don't want to carry out experiment...
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    Aperture efficiency of reflectarray antenna

    Hi, I saw most of the IEEE papers on reflectarray design had included the value for aperture efficiency. How can we calculate the aperture efficiency of a reflectarray antenna? How much percent of aperture efficiency is consider good? Thanks.
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    Simulation software: HFSS 13

    May i know whether Ansys 13 and Ansoft Maxwell 13 are same software with HFSS 13? Thanks
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    Question on CST electric field results

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to define an E-field monitor in CST simulation to look at the E-field pattern animation. After finished the simulation and when i want to animate the E-field pattern, i saw that we have to choose between several E-field component options like X, Y, Z, Abs and etc, so...
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    Any journal papers recommend for reflectarray design?

    Hi everybody, Anybody mind to recommend some journal papers for reflectarray design? edit: Or some other tutorial links that related to reflectarray design? Thank you.:wink:
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    Question on low loss substrate?

    Hi friend, What is low loss substrate? I'm seeking this kind of material for antenna design, anybody mind to list down some low loss substrate that available in the market?:wink: Thank you.
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    Reducing computer memory needed in CST simulation

    Hi, I was using CST, is it possible to reduce the computer memory needed in CST simulation by some software setting adjustment, while maintain acceptable results accuracy? I am thinking of reduce number of mesh cell might reduce the memory consumption also, anybody know if this way works...
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    Question on operating principle of reflectarray

    Hello, As i know reflectarray is feed or illuminate by a horn antenna and the wave from the horn was "reflect" by the reflectarray's elements and form a radiation beam around the broadside of the array. So is the array's elements truly just reflect the wave? Or possible the wave from the horn...

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