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    [Moved] Thyristor Vias in PCB Layout

    Hi, I would like to put a thyristor with (Ipp=500A 2/10 us) for longitudinal protection( Telcordia G1089-CORE standard) in E1 circuit. I want to know the number of vias in pcb layout design required to be put for the thyristor pad connecting to the ground for this high current. Is one via...
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    [Moved] Regarding E1 circuit PCB routing

    Hi FVM, Thank you for the reply. As per the hyperlynx tool simulations, we are getting 22 mil trace width for 26 ohm differential impedance. So as per your suggestion, can I reduce the trace width from 22 mil to 10 mil for 26 ohm differential impedance. Pawan
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    [Moved] Regarding E1 circuit PCB routing

    I want to do the pcb layout for the 120ohm E1 circuit as mentioned in the attached file. The 26 ohm differential termination resistor between the Receive Tip and ring is mentioned by the E1 framer(/LIU) manufacturer. I would like to know the differential trace impedance between the Tip and Ring...
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    how to calculate the setup and hold time ,thanks

    Hi, Please mail me the ppt @pawantej28@gmail.com. I am unable to download. Rgds, pawan

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